Apartment Moving Checklist | Tips for Moving into A New Apartment

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Apartment moving made easy.

Apartment moving made easy.

Moving into a condo is made if you have wide doors, spacious hallways, and multiple elevators where applicable. Does your building have these checked?

·     Make sure all the apartment fridge, washer/dryer, oven etc work correctly. Ensure there’s in the freezer, an oven that heats adequately, burners that heat evenly.

·     The locks for the apartment door entrance, and the entrance to the building should be in good repair. Check the doors for signs of break-ins.

·     Ensure your unit has hot water, and check the water pressure. Make sure the water drains.

·     Have the carpets cleaned before you move in. Allow at least one full day to dry.

·     Book your elevator and loading zones first

·     Be courteous to your neighbors, move between 8AM and 4PM if possible.

·     Elevator times can be very short, Be packed and ready to go for the movers so no time is wasted.

·     Don’t forget to get an elevator key to lock off the elevator so the doors don’t close while loading and the tenants on the other floors don’t call for the elevator during the move time.

·     Ask the manager to post a sign on each floor that the elevator is being used. This way you won’t upset people by making them wait for an elevator that’s just not coming.

Hope these tips help you on your next apartment move. Call Ferguson Moving and Storage to speak to us about your next move.