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Upfront, All Inclusive Moving Quote

You should never pay extra if your move takes longer than planned. With no hourly rates and service that goes above and beyond, Ferguson lifts your expectations for what a moving company can do.

Your Personal VIP Move Manager

Ferguson Moving and Storage’s concierge-style approach to service makes it easy for customers to get the answers and support they need.

On Time Arrival

We value your time and also consider time as money. Hence by arriving on time, we ensure that we save your time and money.


No Credit Card Required


When you’re looking for movers, you know there are a ton of moving companies to choose from. So what is it exactly that your’re looking for in a moving company anyway? Is it price? service? Quality? Convenience? Confidence? Trustworthyness? Professionalism? Uniformed movers?

For each person moving this year, the answer will vary. That’s why no single moving company will appeal to everyone all the time. At Ferguson moving and storage, we choose to focus on quality and service at a reasonable price. Definitely we are not the cheapest moving company. But we are also not the most expensive. We are not even the biggest moving company available, but that is by choice. With keeping our company at a medium size, we can focus on performing quality moves. But isn’t that what every moving company tells you?

To be different from the rest, Ferguson moving and storage chooses to invest in our staff. We are the only moving company in Vancouver with an in house training facility for our movers. Most other moving companies hire “experienced movers.”…the challenge with that is the movers have usually been fired from their previous employers and bring bad habits with them.

About 6 years ago, we had a bad experience with a so called experienced mover. We finally decided that it’s not worth it to just have experienced movers anymore. We decided to turn our company into a mini school for movers. We set up a 1 bedroom mach apartment and now all of our staff attend a training course before they visit a customers house.

With our essential moving skills course, we teach our movers all of the basics such as packing breakables, blanket wrapping furniture, lifting techniques and customer care. After the initial courses, we also give our staff development training for things like, appliance moving, piano moving, pool table moving and so much more.

So if you’re looking for the cheapest movers, then you may want to visit craigslist. But if you’re looking for quality movers at a competitive price, then call the only moving company with an in house training facility. Ferguson moving and storage.


Lorne MacInnes

Ferguson’s moving supports local Food Bank

THANK YOU from all of us here at 99.3 The Fox for your participation in the 2010 Santa Fox Food Drive!


Together we raised over $88,000 in cash and 30,000 pounds of food for The Surrey Food Bank.

We will continue to collect online donations to support the Surrey Food Bank, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and the Share Society supporting the Tri-Cities through December at


With the help of partners such as you we will continue to support those in need through our annual food drive event.

Thanks again for your generous support, it means more than you’ll ever know.



Visit our storage warehouse facility

Come and see Ferguson Moving and Storage warehouse facility!

Is your new home not ready to move in? Are you planning to be out of the country? Do you have any extra stuff require for storage? Short or Long term storage? How secured your goods while in storage?  What company is the best for moving and for storage?

Ferguson Moving and Storage is the best moving and storage service provider in Metro Vancouver. Ferguson Moving and Storage is the answer to all your moving and storage needs. “Can you imagine storing your goods with more hours required for loading and offloading just for storage, keeping without blankets and without inventory?”

Ferguson Moving and Storage will provide you a secured storage facility with a peace of mind. At your residence, Ferguson Moving and Storage will place the Container truck with the bins for direct storing and bins will be fork lifted at our warehouse for storage. Your goods will be handled only once by our movers and will be kept blanket wrapped while in storage and our movers will prepare inventory list for you.

Accessibility is not an issue; you can come and access your goods with your notification.  Ferguson Moving and Storage, guarantee that your goods will be in a secured storage facility.

Come and see Ferguson Moving and Storage warehouse facility!


Juville Hipol
Moving Consultant
Ferguson Moving and Storage
Phone 604.922.2212
Toll Free 1.866.488.2212
Fax 604.987.0269

Movers trained professionally at Ferguson’s

Did you know that Ferguson Moving and Storage has Vancouver’s only in house training facility for movers?

We don’t just put ads out for experienced movers. We’ve found that most of the time that means we hire bad habits and we want great service for our customers. All of our staff at Ferguson’s care about making sure our customers experience a higher level of care.

Our warehouse has a mock 1 bedroom apartment that we train our staff with. Training includes packing china, artwork, clothes, books, bedding and more. We also train for in house blanket wrap service, lifting techniques, loading techniques and most importantly, customer care. Over the years we’ve found that anyone can lift a sofa and put it in a truck. However, it takes a special work ethic to show a customer you care. That’s the Ferguson difference and we guarantee it!

June 30th movers 604-922-2212

Moving time is upon us. Today is the busiest moving day of the year in Vancouver BC. Especially since many homeowners wanted to get their movers before the HST kicks in on July 1st. It’s difficult for most moving companies to get through this peak period craziness. Long ago, Ferguson Moving & Storage invested in training for staff. Now we can hire hard workers and train them in the skills necessary to become movers.

Since we have been perfecting our training over the years, we are now able to maximize training into the shortest amount of time. This way we can accommodate all of the demands of month end moving without lowering our standards of care.

Most workers want to do a great job when they work. Without training, it’s hard for anyone to measure if they’ve met that goal.
Without training, everything is left to the interpretation of the worker to do things his or her way. At Ferguson Moving & Storage our movers not only hear and see when they learn. They also do.  Ferguson is the only moving and storage company in Vancouver with an in house training facility. With the amount of referrals and recommendations we get, the investment is worth it.

We guarantee you’ll have a great move!

Lorne MacInnes

Vice President
Ferguson Moving & Storage

moving van lines Great Canadian Van Lines canada

If you’re considering moving across Canada, then you need to hire professional moving van lines if you want a stress free move. Professional moving van lines members such as Ferguson moving and storage can assist you no matter where you’re moving from and to.

This is because we do all the work for your move. If you decide to move from Toronto to Halifax for example, you can call our toll free hotline 1-866-488-2212 and we can gather your details. Then we can either assist you over the phone, or we will call one of our members in your area to come and see what you are moving. Then that member will send us the details and we can compute the cost of your move based on the analysis of our member company.

It really is that simple. When you’re moving you need to have a moving van line member that is fast, responsive and accurate. With our expertise along with our Great Canadian Movers support systems, Ferguson Movers can assist you through anything.

Feel free to contact Ferguson moving anytime. If you’re moving to or from the Vancouver area, or moving anywhere in Canada. Perhaps you’re moving from Whitehorse Yukon to the tropical warms of Calgary Alberta. Oh and by the way, if you don’t like it in Calgary, we can even move you back to Whitehorse.

Our goal is not just to move you, our goal is to provide you with the best moving van lines move so that you’ll be sending all of your friends and family who are moving to us also.

Thanks for visiting our website, we hope to hear from you soon about your moving van lines needs.