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Should I move into a prefabricated home in Vancouver?

Vancouver Movers Guide: Prefabricated Homes in Vancouver, Yea or Nay? 

While you are looking to move in Vancouver, you may have considered designing your own home. This may be a difficult process that requires much research. In your research, you may realize that there are a lot of costs involved with finding the right designers and contractors to work with. The options for designing every part of your future home may be extremely overwhelming. Prefabricated homes are a good balance between providing the freedom to choose what you want, as well as keeping costs to a minimum.

What is a prefabricated home?

Known as “prefab homes” or “panelized homes,” prefabricated homes refer to a type of building that is created in sections off of the site where it will eventually be pieced together. The actual construction and the installation happen on the building site after all these parts of the building have been shipped.

Freedom to choose your prefabricated home

Moving into a prefabricated house does not mean you do not get to choose the design of your house. The word ‘prefabricated refers to the construction of the components of the house. While it may not be that you are able to design every part of your future home, building a prefabricated home is a good route to take if you are not experienced in architecture design or the building process.

Most architecture firms that provide prefabricated homes offer pre-designed floor plans. You start by choosing the square footage that will best suit your needs. After narrowing that down, you can begin looking at the actual design of each floor plan and pick the one you like best.

You can search for an architecture firm in Vancouver that provides the option of having a completely custom-designed prefabricated home. To come up with a complete new design by yourself is time-consuming and difficult. Having an architect work with you will allow you to have the design you want while meeting all the building code requirements, avoiding unexpected design-related delays.

A faster and more inexpensive way to build

One advantage to have the sections of a prefabricated built off site is that they are to be built in a climate controlled environment. This ensures that there are no weather-dependant delays or weather damage to the materials. Having sections of a house pre-built off site also allow for less transportation of materials, tools, and workers. A lot of travelling time that is included in the labour costs will be saved, since having sections built off-site will eliminate many trips travelling to and from the manufacturing site and the building location. This is especially true if the home is to be planted in a more remote and distant area.

Because materials are usually pre-ordered and then pre-built, the actual building of a prefabricated home will be built much faster than a traditional home. This means you will be able to move into your new prefabricated home in Vancouver that much quicker. In addition, this will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you have a construction loan that last until the house is built. A shorter building time will allow builders to draw from the loan faster and to have less interest accumulated.

We hope this was an informative article on prefabricated homes.

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Moving Antique Furniture or Selling for Cash?

Should you be moving antique furniture with you, or should you sell them for cash?

You may be about to move in Vancouver, and it’s going to get fairly stressful. You may already have some ideas of the items that you want to get rid of. The stress of moving may cause you to want to throw all that out without a second thought. But wait! Do have a second thought, since those items may be converted into money.

Have you ever seen the ‘Antiques Roadshow’? It’s a show where authorized antique appraisers tour various cities to look at antiques brought in by various people living in those cities. On the show, we see people bring in art pieces, furniture, special collections of comic books and sport memorabilia to be sold for a good amount of cash!

What is considered antique?

Most industry experts would agree that antiques are items that are more than 100 years old. However, some others may claim that something can be considered antique if they are slightly less than 100 years old, but have historical significance as well as value in their aesthetics.

What do I look for in antique furniture?

Before you begin to prepare to move in Vancouver, it is best to look at what you have in storage. There are probably items in there that you have forgotten about, and no longer have a need for. Some examples of items you can look for are: art pieces, rugs, lighting, pottery, appliances and electronics, furniture, collections and heirlooms.

How can I know if my antique furniture are worth money?

Appraisal is the process in which the value of something is determined. There are professional appraisers who can determine how much your item is worth. Most appraisal services will cost you some money, but they will provide a lot of useful information on the item in question. A professional appraiser will give you a written report that will describe your item, as well as how they estimate the value of that item. The report usually will include an estimate of a fair-market value, which is how much a buyer would pay you. It will also include a replacement value, which is what that item would cost if sold at retail.

Where can I find a good appraiser?

It is important to note that appraisers should never be the one buying your item, because this is automatically a conflict of interest. Find an appraiser who will just estimate value, and then take it to a local antiques or collectibles dealer. To begin, you may find certified appraisers in your local area. International Society of Appraisers may be a good place to begin your search.

Where can I sell my antique furniture?

As with finding a good appraiser, it is important to do thorough research before selling your item. It is usually good to personally visit your local dealers and auctioneers. Investigate what they sell and how much it costs to sell through them.

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Moving in Metro Vancouver vs Toll Bridge Costs

Toll bridges can influence moving in Metro Vancouver

The Port Mann Bridge is still a fairly new addition to the landscape of Metro Vancouver, and along with its tolls, the traffic helper can easily be a deciding factor in where you may want to live. For those currently moving in Metro Vancouver, moving to the same side of the bridge that you work on could make your life much easier (and cheaper!). Others may be influenced to move, but instead of relocating to escape the tolls, they may move further away from the Fraser River in order to escape the growing traffic in New Westminster.

Commuting in Vancouver: Paying Toll Bridge vs Moving to Avoid Tolls

One trip across the new Port Mann Bridge currently costs $3.00, so if you live in Surrey and commute to Vancouver for work, you will be paying $6.00 every day just for the commute, on top of your gas and other car expenses. These amounts multiply quickly and, for many people, this is enough of a frustration to consider moving across the river.

However, it’s more than just saving money that may drive you to make the move across the bridge. When crossing into or out of Surrey, many people have been avoiding the Port Mann by taking the Patullo Bridge, which remains toll-less. This has caused an increase in traffic in New Westminster, making rush hour an even bigger headache than before.

Effects like this may easily influence you to make the move from New West to Surrey in order to avoid the heavy volume. If you work in Surrey, moving to Surrey from the Tri-Cities or another suburb may help your commute by saving not just money, but time and hassle as well!

Bridge traffic can push New Westminster Residences to move

The traffic in New Westminster as a result of an increase in vehicles taking the Patullo Bridge doesn’t just affect commuters, but residents of New Westminster as well. To avoid heavy volumes of traffic during many hours of the day, you may consider moving in New Westminster further away from the Patullo Bridge, especially if you don’t need to cross the river too often.

Imagine formerly having a 5 minute drive to the grocery store, and that now becomes a 30 minute drive or more. New West may not be the haven it once was for you anymore.

More tolls to come… would you still move?

Although for now The Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges are the only bridges with tolls in Metro Vancouver, there has been much discussion and debate concerning adding tolls to many of the other bridges in the area. Some have even referred to the tolls as a necessary evil, saying that of course no one wants tolls, but they make sense.

If tolls are added to the many other bridges in Metro Vancouver, you will most likely have one of two opinions: they might make you want to live and work all on one side of the river for good, or you may decide to just face the fact that the tolls are unavoidable.

However, since the addition of more tolls is still up in the air, and has been for several years, we won’t have to worry about paying tolls every way we turn anytime soon.

Opinions on how the new toll bridge may affect a moving decision vary from person to person. In some way or another the new bridge influences many people’s moving decisions. If you are thinking of moving in Metro Vancouver, consider these ways in which the current toll bridges or future toll bridges may affect your commute.

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Vancouver Movers, Stress Free Moving

Yes, moving in Vancouver can be stress free, if you follow these tips!

Vancouver movers, are you dreading having to get ready for your move?

People only move about once every ten years. Have you ever heard the reason why? It’s because it takes that long to forget about the last move!

Here are some tips that will help you get ready for your move before the big moving day, and hopefully make it an experience you won’t want to forget!

1. Have a moving calendar or moving checklist

One of the best ways to get prepared is to have a moving calendar that is a ‘living, breathing’ calendar where you are writing down everything you need to do for your move. A good Canadian moving company should offer a personalized moving checklist so you can go through and check off all of the important items leading up to your move.

2. Have a moving company do a home visit before moving day

Part of the advantage of having a free in-home moving cost estimate before your move is not only that you’ll know the price of your move before moving day. It’s also so that the moving company can point out things you may not have considered. Some items you might need to know about, especially if you are moving into areas like Downtown Vancouver (or other small residences popping up in suburbs like Surrey and Richmond) are:

  • Needing to reserve the elevator in your building
  • Trees may need to be trimmed so the truck can fit in your driveway
  • You may need a permit for the moving truck to parking outside of your building

All of these things can be discovered during the home visit process where the moving company can look around at your particular situation and determine whether or not you need to add items to your checklist.

3. Take care of practical details online

When you move you have to change your address with your credit card companies as well as on your drivers license and other identification documents. You also have to take care of forwarding mail, to make sure all your bills make it to your new address. Thankfully much of this can be done online nowadays so it shouldn’t take too long to check this off your list.

4. Take advantage of the services professional moving companies provide

Another thing to consider when debating whether to hire a professional moving and storage company is that these companies have all the moving supplies you’ll need already on hand, including moving boxes, packing tape, and so on. Their supplies can actually save you money instead of costing you more. Oh yes!

Instead of running out to a store to collect free cardboard boxes for your move you may want to consider paying a little for better boxes. Those free boxes could contain moisture, bacteria, bugs and other surprises you don’t want to find! They can also end up being more expensive because they cost the movers labor and time to arrange in the moving truck. If you pay the moving companies per hour and it takes them a lot longer to stack mismatched boxes, that time can add up. It will save them time if you get the same sized boxes. You can even rent study plastic boxes, such as from Frogbox or another specialized boxing company, and then return them after your move (also an eco friendly and cleaner, more water-proof way to move!). The moving company you go with should be able to help you find or provide uniform boxes for a fee.

If you are planning a move locally in Metro Vancouveracross the Canada, or international moving, don’t forget to plan ahead and follow these tips. Finding a good good moving and storage company in Vancouver can take the pressure off you, and make your move a much less stressful experience. Let the moving company do the heavy lifting (literally!) so you can enjoy your new home and get to know your new neighbours early!

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How to find and pick an ethical moving company in Canada

Tips on Finding an Ethical Moving Company in Canada

There are both good moving companies in Vancouver, and some moving companies that you probably want to avoid. Here are some tips to make sure you end up with one of the better movers.

1. Don’t book a mover over the telephone

A lot of people call around to different moving companies trying to find out hourly prices. But you need to keep in mind these ‘phone quotes’ are not necessarily exact prices. There is no way to know during a phone call what the actual price will be for your particular move.

Movers should come to your house to give you a free estimate of how much it will cost to move out of your home,  and then also into your new home. You should insist on having that free estimate done otherwise you’re giving a ‘loaded gun’ to the moving company; they can end up blaming you for the overages and the extras, even if you forgot to ask about them. Some companies won’t even unload the truck until you pay the final bill, and that’s not a place you want to end up in on moving day.

2. Choose about 3 companies to do a home visit with a quote

To avoid getting charged more than you expect, pick about three different companies and make sure they all come over and visit you in person at your home. If they are not willing to invest that time, or if they say it’s not necessary to come over because it “sounds like you have a small move” (or some other excuse), then that’s not a company you want to do business with (remember the ‘loaded gun’ analogy above).

3. Find a moving company in Vancouver that will give you a binding quote

One of the things Ferguson Moving offers that differentiates us from other competitors is that we don’t give estimates; we give binding quotes.

If you are looking at different moving companies, whether you are moving in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond or the other suburbs, you should not only demand a home visit, but also ask the salesperson if they can make their estimate a binding quote. Our company and franchisees do this automatically.

If you ask the person who comes over to make the quote a binding one, they typically won’t want to. But it’s better to push for it anyway, so you have security knowing the price they’re actually giving you on the home visit is the one it’s going to be when they do the job. No one wants surprises on moving day! If they are not willing to make the price binding, you can then really question the accuracy of the person giving the estimate.

How do you pick moving companies to do a home visit estimate? What’s the best resource aside from your friends and family?

1. Facebook

With things like Facebook it’s really good to just post on your profile that you are moving, and ask people who they’ve used. Most of your friends have probably moved before and they will have decent testimonials of companies that they’ve worked with.


Another online resource that’s really good is, which is an  independent online review site. You can enter your city and province of choice, and then look for online reviews. You can see quite a few testimonials from people, whether good or bad, about their experiences with companies in the moving industry.

3. The Canadian Association of Movers

You can also contact the Canadian Association of Movers. You can contact them online or by phone. You can tell them where you live and what type of move you are doing, and they will help point you in the right direction. There are a lot of different kinds of moves and not all companies do all types of moving. For example, there is local moving and there is long distance moving or international moving and storage. Some movers also specialize in certain types of furniture like grand piano movers. The Canadian association of movers can help point you in the right direction regardless of where you live and where you are moving.

Hopefully these tips and advice will be helpful to you as you prepare for your next move.  Remember to pass on this advice to friends and family who are moving as well. If you have a negative experience with a moving company, don’t be afraid to write a truthful review on a website like or This will help warn others to beware of moving companies who might take advantage of desperate movers.

If you are making a long distance move in Canada or a local move in the Vancouver area, we hope you choose to request a free moving estimate from us. Please call or email us directly to discuss your long distance move with one of our consultants.




What will hiring a professional mover save you?

Moving is a stressful thing – most obvious statement of the century.  We’ve all done it, or at least most of us have, and we all know it’s no easy task.  Not only is it hard on the brain, it’s hard on the back and hard on the wallet.

What will hiring a professional mover save you?

A common strategy we take is to ignore the fact we’re moving until two days before the moving truck arrives, which is when we decide to scout out liquor store boxes, throw our belongings in them, and wonder what happened when we get to point ‘B’.  The more organized species out there actually take the time to label and seal their boxes, sometimes even with colour coded sticky notes.

That’s all dandy when everything you own fits into a dorm room, but as your life progresses you start possessing things of value, like pianos and china and marble tables.  Inviting your friends to help you and renting a squeaking truck is fine only if you’re willing to risk the damage that may end up costing you more than you anticipated.

A  professional mover like Ferguson Moving & Storage Company is well worth the investment. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and if you’ve paid for a $30 truck and recruited a bunch of free friends, you can guess how well your move is going to go.

Here’s a list of some of the things a professional mover will save you:

  1. Time: this is money, essentially.  Consider what you are worth per hour.  Is it worth your time to spend days organizing your life into boxes when you could be producing an income?  A mover can take care of these stresses for you.  Not only that, on the day of the move, your movers will have equipment handy that you may not have to make the transportation easy and efficient.  They also do this for a living, so they’ll spend less time figuring out how to get the couch through the door.
  2. Money: in cash terms, this is what you save when you know your dishwasher and bunk beds are being unhooked, unscrewed and moved correctly, by trained professionals.  One crack on a chair leg and you can say goodbye to your dining table set.  It’s not worth the risk.
  3. Security: moving companies come with insurance policies and safety standards that will give you peace of mind in case anything catastrophic happens.
  4. Health: trained movers are experts at moving heavy items, and you may not be.  A serious injury can have you out of work for months for simply picking up a heavy item incorrectly.  Slipped disks, sprained muscles and broken bones can actually happen, and they happen often.

On the one hand you may be paying more to have professionals do the job of moving your household, however there are ways you can keep the cost within your budget.  For example, packing your belongings yourself and having them ready to go on moving day will save the movers a lot of time.  Unplugging your electrical appliances and bringing lighter furniture, like lamps and side tables, downstairs can also help.  You can negotiate the price, keeping in mind that seasonality can affect the quote you get.  If budget is an issue, try to plan your move in the fall, rather than in the spring, and shop around to get the best quote from a reputable mover (check reviews at

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