Avoid Getting Scammed On Your Move

I saw this story on CBC Marketplace Avoid being scammed on your next move.  CBC aired a scam report on movers with hidden cameras and hidden fees. I wanted to write a blog about the video and offer the best tips to avoid these tips of companies on the show.

As an owner of a moving company and passionate about this industry, it’s hard to watch these crooks. The advice at the end is OK, but here’s the BEST things to do.

Avoid Getting Scammed On Your Move

1. Use only moving companies that have been in business minimum 10 years that have a warehouse and office.

2. Login to Facebook and let your 100+ friends know you’re moving and ask who to use and who to avoid. Is the moving company on facebook or social media? Like/Follow and see what they post.

3. Google the company name + the word reviews. A few bad reviews out of 200 is fine. Can’t please everyone all of the time. Check online at homestars.com

4. Call at least 3 movers and NEVER EVER EVER book over the phone. Invest 15 minutes of your time to meet with the movers in person. It’s FREE to you. This is why most shady companies try to convince you it’s not necessary. Because it is an expense only to them.

5. Let them know you are interested in only a FLAT FIRM MOVING QUOTE. Otherwise what’s the point of coming over. Tell them you are only accepting binding moving quotes.

6. Ask them about their policies if something is damaged or broken. Will they repair? will they replace? If replacement is needed is it FVP (full value protection) or is it depreciated? Or is it by the weight?

7. Ask about their movers. Are they in uniform? Are they trained? How many will be coming?

8. Ask the sales person if they will give you their cell phone number? AND will they be coming back on move day to make sure everything is looked after? Most sales people never come back so you are left stranded.  Having their cell phone number allows you direct communication without going through their office. The office could be notified to always tell you he/she is in a meeting.

9. Ask for a document showing they have insurance up to minimum $50,000 cargo coverage and 2 million general liability.

10. Go online to Workers compensation to look up a free report on the companies WCB coverage for their movers. It’s another expense all companies in CANADA MUST pay. If they want to save some money, they never register. Saving about $10000-$30000 per year.

11. Now you can do things like final checks on BBB, Canadian Association of movers

12. Do all of this well in advance of your moving date. Good movers sell out 5 weeks in advance.

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