Hire Professional Cleaners!

When you are getting ready to leave the house you called home for so long, there’s a good chance you will want the new owner to enjoy what you left behind. Almost a feeling of moving into a 5 star hotel (minus the furniture of course!)

Many times customers will attempt to clean their own home. Oh, and they will pack their own boxes. And don’t forget they are moving fragile items over themselves too. Oh and they also are going to host a big moving out party with 15 close friends… By the time these things come to pass it’s normally too late to find help. Things that sound achievable in theory often crumble with all of the curve balls selling a house can throw at you. Such as the subject to inspection discovering the gutters are clogged and the attic is short on insulation.

Let Professional Cleaners help take the moving strains and stress off you.   Professional Cleaners will leave your house smelling fresh and clean for the new residents, ultimately leaving you with more time and energy to unpack and settle in your new home.

If you still want to clean yourself after the movers are gone, we have made a handy moving cleaning checklist you can print off. Or you can get Professional Cleaners to clean your home or just a few rooms and you can use this checklist

Air conditioner / filters and air vents
Carpets – vacuum and remove small stains
Ceiling fans – wipe down and dust up top.
Cobwebs – remove and wipe down area
Cupboards, closets, shelving – leave empty, wash & dust shelves and front panels
Doors – wipe fingerprints and shoe marks
Light Switches – clean off
Floors – tiles and hardwood / sweep and mop
Light fixtures dust-clean and replace bulbs as necessary (if available)
Windows, clean and wipe inside and out where possible
Window blinds – dust and wipe

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