A Vancouver Moving Company: on “Love it or List it Vancouver”

A Vancouver Moving Company: on “Love it or List it Vancouver”


As a Vancouver Moving Company, we’re pretty giddy about the new TV Show in Vancouver called Love it or List it Vancouver.

The premise of the show is a designer (Jillian Harris) and a realtor (Todd Talbot) find homes with couples that can’t agree on staying in their home Vs moving to a new home. In the beginning you typically see the house cluttered and disorganized. One homeowner in the relationship thinks a few changes like a new bathroom, or updating the kitchen and converting unused space to functional design is all that’s needed to fall in love with the home again.

Meanwhile, the other homeowner has already decided that they hate the house and are ready to move onto a new house in Vancouver. Regardless of updates and open spaces, the house will just hit critical factors that will not change the main concerns.

After meeting with the designer and realtor, each homeowner gives a list of must haves. The one who wants to move gives the renovation lists that are needed to stay and the person that wants to stay gives the must haves they need as a minimum to move.

Next comes the time to produce a budget for renovations as well as a budget for buying a new home. Typical renovation budgets range from $60000 to $90000 and most of the buying budgets range from $800000 to $1.2 Million. (People watching in Winnipeg must think we’re nuts in Vancouver.)

Throughout the show, the renovations typically run into unforeseen problems that take away from the renovation budget and reduce parts of the wish list. For the realtor, they normally have to find what the homeowners want slightly outside of their preferred neighborhood.

In the end, the renovations are really amazing if there weren’t any major electrical or plumbing issues. We then have to wait for the homeowners to decide if they are going to love the renovated home or move to a new Vancouver home.

If the couple stays, the realtor has lost a bet and must buy the designer a glass of wine. If the couple wants to move in Vancouver, then the designer must buy the realtor a glass of wine.

For viewers, it really is interesting to see if the couple will decide to Love it or List it. As a Vancouver Moving Company, we are of course rooting for them to move in!


Recognize this Lynn Valley house on Doran Road from Love it or List it Vancouver?

If you haven’t seen the show yet, be sure to check your local TV listings and record it on your PVR.

As Vancouver Moving Company be sure to give us a call before your next move, chances are it could save you money!


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