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Thinking of Moving to Horseshoe Bay BC?

Then you likely need horseshoe bay movers and Ferguson Moving and Storage is happy to help. Horseshoe Bay B.C. is a tiny village within West Vancouver.  Horseshoe bay is a community as well as a gateway to adventure. The village of Horseshoe Bay is very trendy and photogenic. Many people on their way to Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton often stop in Horseshoe Bay to pick up supplies, refuel their cars or have lunch at one of the many quaint restaurants near the sea.  The area has lots of free parking available so you can avoid worrying about getting tickets and enjoy the village for all it has to offer. Many people that do move to this area tell the movers they will never want to move again. If you move to Horseshoe bay you too may find it hard to leave also. With its city fully planned there is no need to worry about high rise living. This area is mostly residential detached housing. There are townhouses and a few condos but they are not plentiful. In an area with a permanent population of less than 4,000 residents, you’ll be sure to get to know the neighbours in no time.

The name Horseshoe Bay actually comes from the unique shape of the bay which does strongly resemble that of a horse shoe.  One of the challenges of the area is the limited access to public transit. The only public transit for the area is the city bus system. There are no plans to implement any kind of rapid train system to the area. Horseshoe bay is a small town within a big city. Average house prices in the area exceed $1,000,000!

Some of most popular attractions in Horseshoe Bay include the Sewells marina where you can rent a speed boat, trolls restaurant where you can have some fish n chips, and the ferry terminal which will take you away to any number of BC coast island destinations.

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