House Moving Packing Tips: Color Coding Your Moving Boxes

Whenever you are moving, make sure you use proper moving boxes. Free boxes from the supermarket may seem like a good idea, but they’re not. As those boxes have already been used and it comes in various sizes. Also, they will not be flat so it’s a real challenge to load them into your car.

There are a lot of tapes that come in various colours. You can get green, teal, green, purple, yellow and more. When you tape up the box, you automatically have labelled what room you want the moving box to be placed in. This can save a lot of time versus having to write the room onto the moving boxes’ top, sides and ends.


Example of labels

  • Yellow = kitchen
  • Green = master bedroom
  • Red = Living Room
  • Black = Garage
  • Purple = Storage Locker

Remember, even though you have the boxes labeled for which room you want them moved to, you will still need to write the contents on them. Otherwise your kitchen will have 20 yellow boxes but you won’t know which one has the cutlery in it.

Moving can be a real hassle. To minimize your stress even by a small percentage, colour coding your boxes will make you feel more organized than any previous move has.

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