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Long Distance Moving containers

If you’re moving anywhere in Canada, you have so many choices on how to get there. If you read reviews online, you’ll also find tons of stories of people that made long distance moves in all sorts of various ways. You’ll also see a pattern unfold of who to chose to move long distance and had hard times. Let’s face it, moving is tough even at the best of times.

You have to leave your neighbourhood and all that includes, your kids may or may not want to go and you basically have to uproot your whole life and transplant yourself into a new environment. Your moving company, no matter how good, is helping to move 100% of everything you own and working hard to ensure nothing is even scratched or broken. Having really good movers does make a difference.

Not an easy thing to do especially if you are moving thousands of miles away.

Nonetheless, it does happen each and every day. What you’ll always find with folks that move long distance is reviews that include various problems that occurred along the way. The common thread on unhappy reviews is the response the customer gets when they report the problem to the management of the company they hired. Too often managers of moving container companies forget how stressful moving can be and often are rude to clients.

This is such a critical moment between creating a lasting relationship and feeling just plain taken advantage of. For 95 years now, Ferguson Moving and Storage has built its business on the basis of trust, honour and commitment to customer service. The next time you’re moving long distance, consider using a long distance moving container. Moving containers in Canada are built to be waterproof and air tight. They also can be locked by you and now they can even be loaded by you.

On this site you can use the automatic move calculator to get a moving quote on your moving container instantly.