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You should never pay extra if your move takes longer than planned. With no hourly rates and service that goes above and beyond, Ferguson lifts your expectations for what a moving company can do.

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Ferguson Moving and Storage’s concierge-style approach to service makes it easy for customers to get the answers and support they need.

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We value your time and also consider time as money. Hence by arriving on time, we ensure that we save your time and money.


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When you’re looking for movers, you know there are a ton of moving companies to choose from. So what is it exactly that your’re looking for in a moving company anyway? Is it price? service? Quality? Convenience? Confidence? Trustworthyness? Professionalism? Uniformed movers?

For each person moving this year, the answer will vary. That’s why no single moving company will appeal to everyone all the time. At Ferguson moving and storage, we choose to focus on quality and service at a reasonable price. Definitely we are not the cheapest moving company. But we are also not the most expensive. We are not even the biggest moving company available, but that is by choice. With keeping our company at a medium size, we can focus on performing quality moves. But isn’t that what every moving company tells you?

To be different from the rest, Ferguson moving and storage chooses to invest in our staff. We are the only moving company in Vancouver with an in house training facility for our movers. Most other moving companies hire “experienced movers.”…the challenge with that is the movers have usually been fired from their previous employers and bring bad habits with them.

About 6 years ago, we had a bad experience with a so called experienced mover. We finally decided that it’s not worth it to just have experienced movers anymore. We decided to turn our company into a mini school for movers. We set up a 1 bedroom mach apartment and now all of our staff attend a training course before they visit a customers house.

With our essential moving skills course, we teach our movers all of the basics such as packing breakables, blanket wrapping furniture, lifting techniques and customer care. After the initial courses, we also give our staff development training for things like, appliance moving, piano moving, pool table moving and so much more.

So if you’re looking for the cheapest movers, then you may want to visit craigslist. But if you’re looking for quality movers at a competitive price, then call the only moving company with an in house training facility. Ferguson moving and storage.


Lorne MacInnes