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Movers in Surrey

Movers in Surrey : Residential and Office Movers Est 1916

Why are moving rates and estimates so important for a move in Surrey? And what are the different types available to you.

As you plan your move, moving companies in Surrey will offer to give you estimates or quotes on the cost of your move.  In order to understand what your final costs will be, it’s crucial to know why movers in Surrey use in house estimates and which type is right for your move.

Why in house rates and estimates?

1. It gives you a budget for your move

2. You reduce the risk of being taken advantage of. Over the phone estimates are desirable because they are fast. But it’s only to the moving companies advantage because it is basically like you writing a blank check.

3. In house estimates enable you to make sure your moving surveyor will note everything so that nothing major is overlooked on moving day.

4. It gives you time to make a well thought out decision.  Have at least two in home estimates you can review from a Surrey moving company.

What types of estimates are available for your move? Binding Estimate vs. Non-Binding Estimate. What is the Difference?

1.       Non-binding estimate. This kind of moving rate & estimate does not mean you will be paying this amount.  What it means is that you may be required to pay above or below what was stated.

2.       Binding estimate. This moving rate & estimate is a guaranteed price that your mover has given you. It holds the mover to the price that was quoted.

Just remember, the more information you provide to your Surrey moving company chosen to quote on your move, the better results you will achieve.

At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we do not book moves over the phone.

We give binding rates & estimates on all local moves and our mission is to make sure you are looked after!

Contact us today by filling out our online moving form for a in house estimate for your move.