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Movers increasing in costs

The cost of moving

I recently read an article about the cost of movers going up each year.

This article is correct. Movers will be more expensive every time. Part of it is because of inflation and part of it is because each time you  move, generally you have bought more stuff since the last time you moved.

The best thing to do after finding a reputable group of 3 moving companies is to ask each of them to give you a free moving estimate. Tell them to include everything. You may even want to ask all 3 moving companies to come at the exact same time. Why? If you do this then you’re assured that nothing was said to one company but forgotten with another.

This way all of your moving quotes are apple to apple comparisons. Also, if you need to make an adjustment after the tour, a quick email to all 3 moving company reps is all that needed. (I.E. 2 of the 10 workstations are no longer coming, we sold them to the new tenant that is moving in, please adjust your quotations accordingly.)

Ask for binding or not to exceed quotes. Moving companies will feel more pressured to deliver on this if they know the competition is bidding on the move.

A deposit is normal for any move but should not exceed 10%. If you do get a binding quote, you must also keep the move from changing also or else you’re not being fair to the movers. For example, if you’re moving an office and tell the moving company your staff will do all of the packing, that means everything must be in sealed moving boxes. Don’t use open top photocopy paper boxes. Also, don’t use tiny boxes that don’t stack and take longer to move. If you do this, you are in breach and the mover has the right to negotiate on the extra work.

Another good tip is to have the sales rep cost in having a move coordinator on site throughout the move. It will cost a few hundred but this person is going to be the lighting rod for all questions and concerns. This person is also there to make sure all agreements you told to the sales rep are carried out. Remember, to the movers they are walking into the move on move day. A coordinator has a big advantage by meeting you well ahead of move day and making sure you and the movers are kept informed and productive. For more help on moving visit our website and email any questions you may have. Regards, Lorne MacInnes VP Ferguson Moving and Storage Vancouver BC