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Movers packing tips Vancouver

Moving Packing Tips

Ferguson moving and storage is happy to provide you simple moving packing tips, simple advice to be more prepared, simple suggestions to make the move smoother which will definitely affect your entire moving.

Packing is one of the most time consuming part of the move. Some are confident to pack personal effects, breakables but some are not. Ferguson Moving and Storage provides Free 20-minutes packing course which will enable you to be more confident in packing.

Proper labeling and proper use of materials is another point to consider.  “it is a great service-plus to have the packing course for your client, it builds confidence, saves time, saves money”.  It is also important to let the client knows what items MUST not include in the moving truck for safety and insurance purposes.

Ferguson Moving and Storage is bonded and insured. There is optional insurance available we offer as well (extended insurance). We also remind our client to check the coverage of their Home Insurance in their moving as well. Ferguson Moving and Storage is certain that your goods will still be in good condition after the move. Movers blanket wrap all the furniture from each room, not on the truck to avoid any chance of damage on the floor, on the wall and of course on your furniture. You may pay less for the moving with other mover but you may pay more for the damages that could be done without wrapping.

Did you hear about no show company? Ferguson Moving and Storage considers your personal schedule, the availability of your new home, elevator timings at origin and destination, accessibility at both ends, definitely will be with you. All moving companies they have professional movers, are they trained? Are they in uniform? Is your truck and blankets wraps clean? Yes, Ferguson Moving and Storage assures every client of quality and professional moving services you deserve.

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