Moving Day for Vancouver Condo Renters: What to do when possession dates prevent you from moving in

Moving Day for Vancouver Condo Renters: What to do when possession dates prevent you from moving in

Most of the time people who are moving are able to move out and in on the same day. However, if you’re renting for example, there is a big misconception. Most people understand they can move into their rental units on the 1st of the month.  However, they are often surprised to learn that they need to be moved out of their home on the 30th

This means there is one night of being homeless. So, you can either negotiate with the landlord or you will need to stay with a family member or friend.

Homeowners are not immune from this happening during their move either. Plus, they often do not get possession of the new home until noon the following day. There are many times however that at the last minute they get their keys sooner than they thought and can actually move in but because the movers are already scheduled and organized, have to go in with little to nothing.

Here’s a chance to have some fun in your new house. Many people have a blow up mattress and a few sleeping bags. Why not pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and some plastic cups, order a pizza for delivery (invite the driver inside and act like everything is normal. If he asks you are you just moving in, just say no to see the look on his face. ) Play some music on your phone and enjoy your empty home for what it is. Soak in the silence, there’s no tv or blender blending or microwaves beeping and doors opening and shutting. It’s just you and your new house getting to know one another.

The next day when everything comes in and you’ve got boxes to unpack, you’ll likely start to feel like you have way too much stuff because all you really need is some time alone with your home.

Normally when we’re moving people, we discover they really want the bed set up. Everything else is not as important. So there you go, have fun if you’re dates don’t mesh up. Enjoy your time and even if you’re with friends because you can’t get in early to an empty home. Order pizza grab some wine and laugh the night away with people you care about. It’s so much better than the alternative ways and feeling disappointed to moving dates not coming together. Wouldn’t you agree?

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