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Moving in Metro Vancouver vs Toll Bridge Costs

Toll bridges can influence moving in Metro Vancouver

The Port Mann Bridge is still a fairly new addition to the landscape of Metro Vancouver, and along with its tolls, the traffic helper can easily be a deciding factor in where you may want to live. For those currently moving in Metro Vancouver, moving to the same side of the bridge that you work on could make your life much easier (and cheaper!). Others may be influenced to move, but instead of relocating to escape the tolls, they may move further away from the Fraser River in order to escape the growing traffic in New Westminster.

Commuting in Vancouver: Paying Toll Bridge vs Moving to Avoid Tolls

One trip across the new Port Mann Bridge currently costs $3.00, so if you live in Surrey and commute to Vancouver for work, you will be paying $6.00 every day just for the commute, on top of your gas and other car expenses. These amounts multiply quickly and, for many people, this is enough of a frustration to consider moving across the river.

However, it’s more than just saving money that may drive you to make the move across the bridge. When crossing into or out of Surrey, many people have been avoiding the Port Mann by taking the Patullo Bridge, which remains toll-less. This has caused an increase in traffic in New Westminster, making rush hour an even bigger headache than before.

Effects like this may easily influence you to make the move from New West to Surrey in order to avoid the heavy volume. If you work in Surrey, moving to Surrey from the Tri-Cities or another suburb may help your commute by saving not just money, but time and hassle as well!

Bridge traffic can push New Westminster Residences to move

The traffic in New Westminster as a result of an increase in vehicles taking the Patullo Bridge doesn’t just affect commuters, but residents of New Westminster as well. To avoid heavy volumes of traffic during many hours of the day, you may consider moving in New Westminster further away from the Patullo Bridge, especially if you don’t need to cross the river too often.

Imagine formerly having a 5 minute drive to the grocery store, and that now becomes a 30 minute drive or more. New West may not be the haven it once was for you anymore.

More tolls to come… would you still move?

Although for now The Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges are the only bridges with tolls in Metro Vancouver, there has been much discussion and debate concerning adding tolls to many of the other bridges in the area. Some have even referred to the tolls as a necessary evil, saying that of course no one wants tolls, but they make sense.

If tolls are added to the many other bridges in Metro Vancouver, you will most likely have one of two opinions: they might make you want to live and work all on one side of the river for good, or you may decide to just face the fact that the tolls are unavoidable.

However, since the addition of more tolls is still up in the air, and has been for several years, we won’t have to worry about paying tolls every way we turn anytime soon.

Opinions on how the new toll bridge may affect a moving decision vary from person to person. In some way or another the new bridge influences many people’s moving decisions. If you are thinking of moving in Metro Vancouver, consider these ways in which the current toll bridges or future toll bridges may affect your commute.

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