Moving Tips: Don’t miss out on the joy of your first day in your new home.

Many people when moving think about the process of packing, moving and then getting into the new home. After the truck is unloaded, you say goodbye to your movers and then walk back into your house. Except it doesn’t look much like a house as it does a disorganized mess that you and your family have to sift through in a frenzied manner just to find the mouthwash and toothpaste.

Vancouver Moving Tips by Expert Movers, Ferguson Moving & Storage Company

  • Going on a holiday: When you pack your home, ask everyone to start by packing a suitcase or two as if you’re going on a three day vacation. Shirts, underwear, toothbrush and a shaving/kit toiletries. You’re going to need these things and having them readily available in your car at your home can allow you to ignore the joy of unpacking for one day.
  • Plan some time away from work. We have seen a few days off after work can really help people adjust into their new home. We are not goldfish but even they get time in the bag of water to adjust to the new tank. If it’s good enough for Nemo, it should be good enough for us humans too. Your co-workers will be glad you did too. You’ll be happy and stress free. Or at least a little less stressed.
  • Have some me time: Try to avoid thinking about everyone else for a period of time. Sit out on your new porch with a cup of coffee and a book. You know, like what you imagined you would be doing in the new home when you saw it during the open house. You’ve done it! You’ve gotten your dream and now it’s time to soak it in and let the good times roll. 
  • Create a pizza budget: It’s pretty hard to cook on the stove if it’s covered in packed boxes. Probably a little dangerous also. Give yourself the gift of a few meals eating out so you can unpack on a full stomach.

Moving into a new home is often a dream come true. You’ve spent months planning, budgeting and dreaming. Plus weeks of taking action with packing and hiring Vancouver Movers. Don’t allow the hustle and bustle of moving diminish those dreams. Instead, plan for chaos and you’ll be more likely to see beyond the boxes and into your future. Contact Ferguson Moving and Storage with your moving questions.




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