Making The Best Of Your Moving Day

Moving Tips by Experienced Movers

  1. Before the movers have arrived make sure everything is ready to go. Any items you don’t want moved, point out to the movers and label “NOT MOVING”
  2. Make certain your origin and destination homes are ready to be moved. If you require an elevator, make sure you’ve reserved them well in advance. Same with parking for the moving truck.
  3. For long distance moves, your movers will inventory and number every item with moving stickers. Make sure you obtain a copy of the written inventory. At destination, use the inventory sheet to manually check off all the numbers as they come in. If any items are not checked off, make certain they are located before the movers are finished and gone.
  4. For local moving, take pictures of everything that you are moving. Your mover should point out any existing damages before the move. IF there are any new damages, be sure to report as soon as possible. Movers typically limit the reporting time anywhere from 30 days to within only a few days.
  5. After the movers say everything is loaded, complete a walk around the house. Check every hiding spot in your home including crawl spaces, sheds, attics and closets to ensure nothing gets left behind.
  6. Any personal data should travel with you in your car. Laptops, phones, chargers etc should be accessible to you at all times.
  7. Move your own jewelry, coin collections, passports and sensitive documents. Movers are not liable for moving these items. Insurance companies require you to move these sensitive items yourself.
  8. Items that are higher than $2500 value should be pointed out to the movers during the tour of the home. Some items require special crating to be insurable by the moving companies insurance policies.
  9. When unloading is complete, walk around your entire home to make sure the furniture is all placed where you would like it to be.
  10. Enjoy your new home, and be sure to say hi to your new neighbours.

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