Moving Tips: Six Great Tips For A Stress Free Move in Vancouver

1. Start packing now.

Why now? Because there are so many things you own that you really can live without for a few weeks. Things like china, artwork, tools in the garage, bedding in the spare bedroom, items in your crawl space and those board games the kids never use anymore.

2. Prepare all of your supplies

Basic things you’ll need include Frogboxes, labels, markers and packing paper. In some cases you can also use bubble wrap but it’s expensive so save it for figurines, and those decorative eggs in the china cabinet.

3. Purge as much as possible

If you bring it, you’re just going to have to purge it later. If you have nonperishable food, we will deliver it to the local food bank so others can eat the mac and cheese you have decided to not eat anymore.

4. Cull the storage space

Almost every home in Vancouver has some sort of storage. Perhaps for you it’s an attic, crawlspace or a storage locker in the basement. Wherever it is, chances are you just put some stuff in there you thought may be used…one day.  Well truth is you never did and likely never will so just junk it or recycle if possible.

5. First, tackle the rooms you don’t use often

When’s the last time you went into the craft room or even the garage. These rooms can sometimes take the most time because there is so much clutter. Getting them out of the way earlier will make the rest of the process a breeze. Well not really but I just wanted to make you feel good for trying.

6. Pack up the everyday rooms last

The kitchen should be packed just before moving. That potato masher you think you can live without may be needed for some emergency mashed potatoes. You really want to keep things accessible that you may use before moving. Also, be sure not to pack things like important documents such as passports or moving company documents.

Your moving consultant is a professional and there is no house like yours. Each move is unique and needs to be taken care of in its own way. Be sure to get specific tips about your move to ensure a stress free move.


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