Moving in the Winter in Vancouver BC

The signs of winter are here in Vancouver, BC. The darkness is very noticeable and the days are getting shorter. The temperature in Vancouver is also dipping a lot. Fortunately not as much as the rest of Canada. Even still, the winter does affect moving in Vancouver.

Here’s Five Tips For Winter Moving:

1. Safety First

The cold can affect items you need to move. Plastic can become more brittle and items with water in them can freeze. Be sure to empty items such as clothing irons since moving trucks are not heated.

2. Electronic Items

Electronics should be unplugged for 24 hours before you move and allow them to remain unplugged for 24 hours after you move as well. Plastic wires and connections become sensitive to massive temperature changes and should be normalized to ensure the shocks won’t damage your devices.

3. Ready to assemble furniture

Very cold temperatures actually can make wooden items shrink. If you’ve purchased assemble yourself furniture, allow it to sit in the home to warm up before you put it together. This will ensure a strong and tight fit that won’t loosen.

4. Sidewalks

Shovel your pathways before moving. IF there is ice on the sidewalk you will need to salt it which will melt away the water. Be sure to sweep away the salt before moving so you don’t track it into the house. Use floor runners also to keep the entry ways and stairs covered. This will guarantee your carpets will not get stained.

5. Moving Plants

Plants are very sensitive to the cold. If you’re moving long distance, they will not survive the trip so it’s best to find them a new home. If you’re moving locally, place the plants into a see through bag and then put the whole plant into an open top moving box.

By planning ahead and doing the above steps you will have a great move. For more information, be sure to discuss your winter move with your Ferguson Moving & Storage Move Manager.


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