Overnight Moving Services: Top 6 Questions Renters Need To Ask Moving Companies Before Moving

Top 6 Questions Renters Need To Ask Moving Companies Before Moving – Overnight Moving Services for Vancouver Renters

Most renters believe they can simply move out and move into their new space on the same day. Sounds logical right? Well, let’s examine what actually happens:

Let’s say you plan to move from Richmond or Surrey into your new apartment in Vancouver all on the 1st of the month. Now, if you were to move out after giving 30 days notice, you would have to be out no later than midnight on the last day of the month. This is because the new renter is moving in on the 1st of the month.

So, when you go to move, you may be surprised to find out you will need to move out on the last day of the month but cannot move in until the 1st day of the month — the next day.

This means you may need overnight moving services, beyond just booking a hotel or stay at a relatives or friends for the night.

If you find yourself in this position, as many movers in the Vancouver Area do, make sure you are dealing with movers that can handle overnight storage.

Here are six key questions to ask moving companies in Vancouver if you need overnight services:

  1. Do you offer overnight storage?
  2. Will the furniture and boxes stay loaded on the truck?
  3. Do you charge extra for overnight storage?
  4. Will the moving truck be parked inside or outside?
  5. What type of security will you offer?
  6. Will the same movers be available on both days?

At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we typically come in as a huge relief to people in this situation. We offer overnight storage and we can leave everything loaded on the truck. The best part is, we do not leave your truck sitting outside. We park the truck and contents inside our secure warehouse. This way there is no extra handling and your goods are safe.

If you are looking to move, be sure to contact us for any questions!


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