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Packing food for donation

Many customers that are packing find it a great time to purge. Why bring items to your new home that you just cannot use?

We saw a great opportunity to help out the local community by donating food to the local food bank that people are purging.

When you’re moving you have no time to run an extra errand. So we are a free middle man to help you and the food bank.

Simply pack a separate box with any unwanted non perishable food items and we will collect them on move day. We take all of the boxes back to our warehouse. Once we have accumulated a few boxes, we transport the load down to the local food bank.

  • On the North Shore we support the Harvest Project
  • In Surrey we support the Surrey Food Bank

We love win win wins with moving. Thanks to everyone for helping us fill 5 boxes of food so far this year.

Our goal for 2014 is to transport 1000 pounds of food for donation.