5 Packing Tips For Moving Stress Free

Packing for a move is much more intimidating than packing for a holiday. It’s much more than clothing that needs to be packed. It’s your entire home. In addition, there are still items you need to use before you move. Items in the kitchen such as coffee pots, cups, plates, knives and forks. You not only need to pack, but you also need to time everything just right.

Every day we are told to reduce or minimize our footprint and live green. When you move, that is when most people realize how much stuff they have. Worse, most is stuff they don’t even want or use.

Packing Tips for Moving

1. Get the momentum going by starting to sort right away. Donate things you no longer need or want and throw away junk you don’t want to move.

2. Get the right amount of boxes. Ferguson Moving & Storage can assist you with knowing what boxes to get and the sizes that are needed.

3. Items you no longer want should be placed aside for the donation truck or junk truck. Keep them together in the garage or someplace dry but out of your way.

4. Start in the attic or storage area in your home first. These places will likely not hold anything you readily need and are great places to start sorting and purging.

5. Use the proper moving boxes with plenty of packing paper. The last thing you need is breakage because you went to light on the packing paper. If you’re intimidated by what to do, watch our short Youtube Packing Tips videos for assistance. Or talk with your Ferguson moving & storage representative for help.

Come move day, if you’ve packed and labeled really well, your move will be so much better. Especially at the destination residence you’re moving to because boxes will be moved to the correct rooms and you can unpack in whatever priority you desire.

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