The perfect mover


A perfect mover is courteous, diplomatic, intelligent, patient, humorous and even tempered.

A perfect mover must be strong enough to move anything, yet gentle enough to break nothing; durable enough to work in any kind of weather, the thoughtful enough not to sweat on the furniture; considerate enough to go without lunch to get the job done, yet reasonable enough to accept only modest consideration for his effort.

A perfect mover knows the best way to handle all household items and office equipment. He knows all the streets and highways in Canada and the United states. He always knows the shortest route wherever he goes.

A perfect mover understands people, mechanics, bookkeeping, banking, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, construction, law, medicine, real estate, horse-trading and human rights.

A perfect mover shall satisfy God, the customer, the company, the dispatcher, the origin agent, the destination agent, the port agent, and his wife when he manages to get home.

A perfect mover is thought to have the ability to prophesy the beginning and the end, be a healer of problems, a worker of miracles and to understand all words and tongues.

~author unknown

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