Pro Tips On Packing Ultra-Fragile Items

Statues like this one I recently moved really help convince people there is a need to make sure professionals handle certain types of moves. Some movers are just not equipped or experienced enough to care for this type of valuable possession. Here are some methods I recommend you follow to make sure your ultra-fragile items do not get damaged during your move.

Firstly, it does not matter how far you are moving. Even if you’re only moving 2 blocks.  Damages can occur if you’re underestimating what your belonging go through. There is going to be some cost involved, but it’s a small investment compared to the loss of such items.

Perhaps you’re thinking, no big deal, I will just carry it in my car on my lap. Well that may be okay, but what if you have a limited window of time to move, plus if you have many of these items to deal with.

I’ve seen it many times when families say, I’ll just take that in my car. After I hear it on the 20th item,  I usually pause and reflect back to the client what they are doing to themselves. On top of moving a truck load of fragile items, they also have a bazillion other things to look after with mortgages, realtors, other homeowners, lawyers etc. How are they going to have time to do all of this too? Plus work 8 hours a day at their job on top of it.

How to Move Fragile Items Properly

To move this, you need a plan. Typically the best ways to move ultra-fragile items is to have them packed into small wooden crates. Crating does several things.

  • It makes an odd shaped items square so it can be packed into the truck
  • The crate gives massive strength around the ultra-fragile items so they can have other things stacked on top of them in the moving truck.
  • Prevention is better than any insurance policy protection
  • If it’s crated by your moving company, it will be insured. (always check your movers terms and conditions)
  • It just makes sense. Cardboard and plastic are usually just not strong enough to give you the peace of mind that a wooden crate will.

You will not need to worry about measuring for the ultra-fragile items you want crated. Your move Manager at Ferguson Moving & Storage will do all of that work for you, have the crates custom built by trusted crating companies and will deliver and pack the crates for you as well.


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