Moving in Vancouver with Elderly

Moving with the elderly in Vancouver is almost like moving with small children. Sometimes it’s even harder. This is mainly due to the fact that the elderly have lived for a long time in the same place and really don’t have any desire to leave. They like having a familiar environment.

In this regard, moving to them is likewise to uprooting a tree from the backyard.  This does not mean you can always leave them where they are. I most cases living on their own is no longer that safest option and the elderly require more support. Most adult children prefer to have around the clock care for their parents available and often times consider a seniors home as being a viable option. Wherever your parents are moving to here are some handy tips to help you with moving with an elderly person.

Tips To Help You With Moving With An Elderly Person

• Talk to them about it. When you do however, approach them with caution and love. They may feel like you are not happy with them or they may feel as though you are trying to control them like a small child. Explain with care the reason for the changes and you are in no way going to forget about them.
• Let them vent out all of their feelings. If you cut them off with your own ideas, they may not hear you because they have something important to say that you are not hearing which could fix everything. Be sure to stay on your message that moving is for their benefit. Not just yours.
• Give them time to pack their own things and sort through what they want to keep and what to get rid of. Many new seniors centers provide full cooking and the units don’t have kitchens in them. It won’t make sense to bring pots and pans but you may just let them come instead of fighting about it. A good idea is to hold things in a storage locker and once they stop asking for them, you can donate them or dispose of them as you see fit.
• Lastly, be sure to hire movers that are sensitive to moving seniors and care about them as much as you do. At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we train our movers after we hire them about sensitive clients and the best way stop make sure they feel looked after during the moving process. We also assign a move manager that will be available to you as a single point of contact before during and after your move.


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