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Stressed with a million moving questions

Moving Questions

After deciding to move half way across Canada one of our soon to be customers didn’t know where to start.

She was leaving a “tense household” with a toddler, she was young, and had no idea what to expect.

The internet was her first step in finding a reputable mover.. After some searching she came across Ferguson Moving and Storage.

After a quick phone call she was able to understand that her move would be based on the weight of her goods and the distance of her move.

Not only that, but she had a car to move as well.

The inside sales team explained to her that an in-home estimate would give her the most accurate quote.

One of our skilled moving consultants Trevor Kennell went to visit our customer.

Feeling a little embarrassed letting a stranger into her home to see her “family drama” she felt relived with how professional and caring our moving consultant Trevor was.

With confidence she booked the long distance move with Ferguson Moving and Storage.

Now all the questions, and all of her uncertainties, came to mind. I must have received a call from her every other day until she was at her final destination.

“Should I empty my desk drawers?”

“When do I pay the movers? The driver just told me I had to pay before he would leave the province, do I pay him or pay you? And how do I pay?”

“Can I store everything there?”

“Um, I have to change the pick up date for my car. How do I do that?”

Life was uncertain and the use of her car was important. Before that car left this province we had changed the pick up date 3 times.

In the end she was thankful to have Ferguson Moving and Storage there to walk her though this experience with patience and care from the initial call to all of the changes that were made.

We all wish that every move was a happy one. However, we also recognize that life happens and when it does it could result in a divorce move, stressful move due to illness, or relocating because of a reversal of fortunes or many other things.

If life does happen to you, isn’t it great to know that you can find a moving company that is compassionate, caring and understanding?

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