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How to adapt a minimalist lifestyle after moving

Surrey movers explain: How to adapt a minimalist lifestyle after moving

If you’re moving in Surrey BC, now’s a great time to purge. This is not just a time in your life when you’re going to be unpacking things in closets and garages you’ve forgotten about. This is also a great time to pick up on the minimalism movement. Since you’ll have a fresh beginning at your new home, and since you’re likely purging anyway, our Surrey movers will explain how to adapt a minimalist lifestyle after moving.

Why become a minimalist after moving in Surrey?

Surrey is a place that, like it’s Metro Vancouver counterparts, hosts a relatively wealthy, Western, commercialized economy. To put it shortly, we have a lot of ‘stuff’ in this part of the world. A lot more than we need.

Minimalism is seen as a way to make life more meaningful by getting rid of excess.

The Minimalism documentary describes how two guys became happier after reducing their belongings to nothing more than a suitcase (ok, maybe a bed and other necessities too). Then they travelled on tour to sell a book about their journey, and encouraged others to do the same.

Marie Kondo has gained international fame by her philosophy on ‘tidying up.’ Her principle is quite simple: if it doesn’t bring you joy, then get rid of it. Of course, she wrotea book about this, so there is more to say about her method! We won’t cover it all here though.

And, famous businessmen – even former president Barak Obama – have reduced their wardrobes to one outfit, citing an overwhelming amount of decisions as the reason why.

But minimalism is not new, make no mistake. It has been around for centuries, in the form of spiritual or philosophical teachings. It’s just that nowadays, we’re seeing the popularity of things like the capsule wardrobe, and YouTube videos on reducing ‘stuff’ in people’s lives. So it’s taking hold in our consumerist century as well.

In short: minimalism is being preached as the way to go if you want to enjoy your life, and your space, better. And who doesn’t want that?

Steps to adapting minimalism after you move in Surrey

Here are a few tips on steps to take to become a minimalist after you move. It starts before you move though!

Step 1: Donate or sell items of value before you move

As you’re packing for your move, you’ll notice some obvious things that have value, and that you don’t need. Sometimes, getting rid of stuff is emotionally hard. But if you know you can get something out of it – be it monetary gain or a smile on someone’s face, it can be easier to get rid of. This is especially so if you don’t need it.

See or related articles on donating when moving:

Step 2: trash the useless stuff before you move

You may have junk to remove during your move. Old broken parts of appliances, or bike tires that don’t work. They can go, and those will also be easier to identify, and part with. The more clear out the big obvious things, the easier it will be to deal with what’s leftover.

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Remember scrap metal can be sold! So don’t put that in the trash pile.

Step 3: start reading and learning about minimalism after you move

This is the part where you learn how it all works in the long run, and find out how other people did it. It sounds simple, and yet, when you think about what you have to get rid of, it suddenly becomes hard.

We found this great resource by the guys in the documentary mentioned above. It might help you get started with understanding minimalism:

One important thing to note, as mentioned in their documentary, is that if something brings value to you, you may not have to get rid of it just because another minimalistdid. This is going to be a personal journey. In fact, the Guardian article about Marie Kondo above says not to start with what needs to go, but what needs to stay. That can put a new perspective on things.

Also, as you’ll read in the ‘start’ guide above, minimalism isn’t only about things. It can be about relationships and jobs too. It’s about all excess.

Step 4: start practicing your clutter-free life slowly

This is the part that helps you get used to the idea of minimalism. It’s hard at first. But according to this article, you can do things like setting aside an area of your space that is going to be free of unneeded items, or at least be tidy. When you experience how ‘freeing’ it is to have that space always be neat, clear and usable, you can become encouraged to expand it to other parts of your home.

Step 5: declutter your new home

You may have begun this process before you called in your Surrey movers. And it will continue after you move too!

Decluttering will involve asking yourself if you really need ‘X’ at every turn: when you’re shopping, when you’re putting clothes away, and all the time. It will be a goal toreduce, reduce, reduce.

Think you’ll have trouble with this step? Others have too. This article explains how to overcome common barriers to getting rid of things.

To make this easier, you can start by just removing things you have doubles of. Or, you can start one room at a time. Or, you can put things you think you won’t need away for a while, and see if you really miss them before totally getting rid of them.

Step 6: start buying wisely

Articles on the web about this subject will mention buying higher quality, and more cherishable items going forward. That way, your things will last longer, and you won’t need as many things. Imagine how easy your next move will be!

To conclude: your move in Surrey can make minimalism easier than if you weren’t moving

As we mentioned above, the move itself will be a great fresh start, and a good excuse to start on the path of minimalism.

If you’re finding it hard, not to fear! The lightweight feeling of starting to purge will have its benefits. And you can go as slow or as quick as you want. The more you enjoy the benefits of minimalism, the more you’ll genuinely want to do it. And when you enjoy it, it won’t be hard at all!

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How to Clean Vents Before Moving In

How to clean vents – Surrey movers advise

Ensuring that you clean vents before moving into a new house or office is one of the first maintenance duties you should perform. Clean vents guarantee that the quality of air in your house is high and the air dust-free, which is especially important when you or one of your family members suffers from dust-related allergies. After all that hassle with moving, cleaning vents might be somewhat time-consuming; however, it generally is an easy task and requires only a handful of tools to do it right.

1. Collect necessary equipment to clean vents before moving in a new home in Surrey

There’s so many different particles in dust that you would be surprised. But regardless of all the nasty dust bunnies, you don’t want any of it inside your lungs. As professional movers in Surrey, we know how important it is to move into a clean house. Keeping your vents clean increases quality of air. The stuff you’ll need are:

  • Duster

  • Duct tape

  • Screwdriver

  • Good vacuum cleaner

  • Rag

  • Plastic basin and dish soap

2. Locate all the vents around your house when you move in

If you’re already at doing this cleaning job, it’s good to find and locate all vents at the house to maximize the profits from your effort. You wouldn’t want tofinish the job, clean everything up after you’ve moved in, only to discover two additional vents left for cleaning while doing the laundry after relocation and moving in Surrey.

3. Clean the vent covers

With a duster or dust brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, clean the external side of an air duct cover. Be sure to catch all the dust build-up leftover by those moving out. It might turn out that the covers require some scrubbing to get everything off them. You can put all of them inside a big plastic basin with dish soap and warm water to get them all nice and clean.

4. Now take off the vent lids

You might need to use a screwdriver here. Unscrew the bolts (if there are any). Otherwise, just gently pry the lids off and set them aside. If the plastic covers are old and brittle, you should consider replacing them with new ones. Such seemingly unimportant details make a house look nicer after you finally move in.

5. Vacuum and clean the air ducts when you move in

Alright, so you’ve got to the core of the task. Peek inside the air ducts, preferably with the aid of a flashlight, and remove bigger sized debris if there is any. If you see any discoloration on the surface inside, be wary that it might be mould. If you aren’t sure what it is, our movers in Surrey recommend that you consult with a specialist. After you get rid of larger objects, proceed to removing dust bunnies with a manual duster. Then, clean the residual grime with a rag and a detergent (diluted dish soap solution will do). Now lift your vacuum cleaner up (you might need to ask someone to hold it for you) and carefully vacuum the air duct with a dust brush attachment on an extension wand, if the length of the air duct makes it applicable. Clean vents before moving in thoroughly for this effort to last longer.

6. Put the lids back on the vents and clean up the area

It’s very likely that some of the debris and dust got out of the vent onto the carpet and the furniture. Vacuum the area around vents thoroughly. You want your new house to be nice and clean before you move in.

Moving in or out? Ask for a quote from the best movers in Surrey. Or maybe you need to store some of your stuff before you prepare your new house? As one of the most reliable storage companies in Metro Vancouver, we’ll be glad to keep an eye on your belongings while you’re cleaning your new house.

How to patch up grass lawn after moving

Surrey movers explain how to patch up a grass lawn after relocation and moving

A beautiful green grass lawn is a thing worth boasting about. Even though grass itself is pretty resilient, maintaining a lawn is often a difficult endeavor. Especially when it’s trampled on after moving. This is more so in a rainy, wet climate like Metro Vancouver, where moving dolly wheels can easily leave tracks in a lawn on moving day. Luckily, there’s a way to patch up a grass lawn after moving in as little time as possible.

1. Buy only quality seeds to patch up grass lawns after moving in Surrey

When reviving your lawn after moving in Surrey (or the Metro Vancouver area), buying quality seeds is the most important part of the whole process. Don’t bother using leftover seeds that you found in your shed, especially if you don’t know when they were bought.

Old seeds are slow to germinate and, in fact, might not germinate at all. Quality seeds from good vendors guarantee that the grass will germinate and grow fast. Also, if you would like your grass lawn to be even more tear and wear resistant, you can buy special, heavy-duty grass. Ask around in your local garden store for heavy traffic golf grass, for example.

Also, to minimize the damage connected with moving, ask moving professionals for help. Be aware that if you are hiring a professional Surrey moving company, they are more likely to be aware that they need to care for your lawn in the process of moving. But you can surely also try to make your helpful friends aware of the need to be careful with the lawn too!

Need to move garden plants? Here are tips from our Surrey movers.

2. Prepare the soil for sowing on the lawn patches damaged by movers’ foot traffic

Equipped with seeds, you can now proceed with sowing on the lawn areas that may have been damaged on moving day. Loosen the patchy soil with rakes, sow the grass seeds evenly, rake the soil again, and water the lawn thoroughly.

Now, if you live alone and without pets, the only thing to remember is to keep the soil appropriately moist, then wait a few weeks until the new grass is grown and ready to be used. But if you have children or pets, you need to set up a protective barrier around the lawn so that it has time to grow undisturbed. No one wants to wait forever to enjoy a nice lawn after moving in.

The frequency and intensity of watering vary greatly depending on the weather. Just keep in mind that the soil has to be moist, but not muddy and wet because it’ll stunt growth and increases the risk of fungus infection.

3. Post-sowing care after moving

Alright, so you’ve got yourself a nice new lawn. The small grass seedlings are abounding, where they grow is secured and the soil is well-watered. Now, our Vancouver movers recommend strengthening the root system to prevent your grass lawn from future damage and make it more resilient.

You can do this by applying various biostimulants such as cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins, which improve root thickness. When the root system of your grass lawn is intricate and rich, you can expect your lawn to grow strong and resistant to foot traffic regardless of foot traffic intensity. There’s nothing better than a beautiful green grass lawn to look at after moving into a new home.

NOTE: You can always invest in a pre-grown lawn to patch up a grass lawn after moving, but this solution, although being more comfortable and time-saving, is more expensive than growing grass from seed.

Looking for moving companies in Surrey? We’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions regarding moving in the Greater Vancouver area.

More ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey

New ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey BC

Previously we presented some tips from movers in in Surrey on repurposing storage containers. When you are moving in Surrey, you may find it useful to have a portable storage container for storage and renovation purposes. Once your storage container has served its purpose, it will provide you with an opportunity to get creative and transform your new backyard. Here are some ideas to get you started on this cool DIY project.

From portable storage to garden gazebo: create your own personal paradise!

If you have a garden in your new backyard, you could also transform your storage container into a beautiful deck or gazebo to complement your outdoor space. Once movers in Surrey help you complete your move and you are done with your extra storage, you can start the transformation process. Search the web for inspiration, create your plans, and get building!

If you are planning on bringing your garden with you when you move in Surrey, check out these tips:

Storage companies in Surrey will love your storage container workshop

If you are done storing furniture, supplies, and other belongings after your Surrey movers are long gone, turn a storage container into a new storage facility with a specific purpose! This can be a great place to store your tools or projects, and can even give you a space to work on DIY projects if you design it that way.

See our related article on how to move a shed:

Plus, how to handle tools and heavy equipment when moving:

After your Surrey movers leave, turn your storage container into a small business

If you have a storage container on your hands after your Surrey move, but no longer want it on your property, combine it with your entrepreneurial dreams to create a small café or shop! Maybe you have a specific location in mind, or perhaps you want to have a pop-up shop on wheels. The tricky thing about this idea is that you will want to make sure you have the right zoning and permits, and these will vary depending on what your business plans are. Once you have your ideas mapped out, check with the city of Surrey before bringing your plans to life.

Use Pinterest to find more ideas on repurposing portable storage in Surrey

Many of these ideas can be found on, and you can find many more ways to repurpose your portable storage in Surrey there. Check out our article about moving hacks on Pinterest to learn more about how to use Pinterest, and to pick up some helpful moving tips while you’re at it!

One of the great things about moving into a new place is the opportunity to get creative and try out new projects that fit with your new home. Transforming portable storage in Surrey is a bigger project, but it is a great way to spend time getting to know your new living environment and really make it your own. Turn this into your own personal project, and have fun getting in touch with your creative side!

If you need a professional moving company in Surrey BC, give Ferguson Moving and Storage a call at 604-922-2212 or request a quote online through our website!

Neat ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey

Ideas on how you can re-purpose portable storage containers in Surrey BC

After you complete the process of moving in Surrey, it will then be time to focus on settling into your new house and making sure it feels like home. Part of this process includes figuring out what to do with the remnants of your Surrey move. If you took your time moving in, or your house underwent a big renovation before you arrived, chances are you may have storage containers hanging out in your backyard. Luckily, there are endless possibilities of what you can do with moving storage once it has served its purpose.

Here are just a few ideas of how you can repurpose portable storage containers.

Turn your portable storage into a tiny home!

Once you have your perfect new home and you are done with your portable storage in Surrey, you can use your storage container to make a second, little, home. Tiny homes are growing in popularity and can make a perfect guest house, private space for a teenager, or a small sanctuary for yourself. They are also useful as temporary dwellings while a renovation is going in the larger house on your lot. You can design it any way you want, but you can start with the basics in this Pinterest post.

Read more on reasons why you should move to a tiny house in Vancouver here:

And some solutions for when you do plan to dwell in the tiny house:

Office movers in Surrey may recommend storage container offices

A storage container office can be a perfect place to get away from everything going on in the house so you can focus on work- right in your backyard. Like a tiny home, you can exercise a lot of creativity in your storage container office design, based on your personal working or studying needs. But if you’re the kind of person that could get distracted by being too close to home, try one of our other ideas for repurposing a storage container! Plus, don’t forget the office maintenance needs and permit requirements with the city.

These articles on our blog may help you decide if you should set up a home-based office when moving:

Plus, read the following tips from office movers in Surrey to help with your office move:

Create a personalized swimming pool out of portable storage in Surrey

Have you always wanted a swimming pool in your backyard but never made it a priority? Now that your move in Surrey is completed and you have an empty shipping container, you are one step closer to checking a swimming pool off your wish list! There are many creative ideas of how to turn your portable storage into a great place to splash and swim around in. Check out this list from to get your ideas rolling.

Taking the time to pursue a larger-scale project like this will not only give you a goal to pursue in your free time, but it will also make your new home much more unique. Upcycling items is also great for the environment, which is an added bonus! So once our movers in Surrey BC are done helping you with the first step of settling into your new home, have fun taking the next step to really make it your own.

For your moving and storage needs anywhere in Greater Vancouver, give Ferguson Moving a call at 604-922-2212 or request a quote online through our website