movers heard on the radio in Vancouver BC Ferguson Moving

The movers heard on the radio in Vancouver BC

Are you looking for the movers you’ve been hearing commercials for on the Radio? It’s most likely Ferguson Moving & Storage. We are getting the word out that the best moving company in Vancouver is Ferguson Movers.

In Vancouver there are many moving companies. However, there are only a handful that are quite large, there are even less that offer true guarantees for their clients.

At Ferguson Moving & Storage we GUARANTEE the rates that we give you.  Many customers book their moves over the phone. They are told about a low rate or a “special moving rate” and book the movers to show up. On move day, that rate has changed and those customers are stuck because they have nothing in writing to prove the hourly rate. The customer may even be accused of being confused with rates from other companies they called.

The solution, get your rates in writing to avoid confusion and confrontation after the move. That’s what Ferguson moving and storage is all about. Avoiding confusion and offering straight forward, good old fashioned service.

The last thing you need from movers on moving day is unwanted surprises. Thanks for checking out Ferguson Moving & Storage and we hope to hear from you soon. When you do call, please let us know that we’re the moving company you heard on the radio and if possible, which station you were listening to. It’s most appreciated and thank you.

Recent radio ads can be heard on News 1130AM, JRFM 93.7 FM or QMFM 103.5 FM, Traffic 730AM