Tips for Moving Plants

Plants are sometimes like friends to their owners. They water them, talk to them and play music for them in some cases. Plants are really good indoors for the fresh air they give us. Plus a sense of life in the house is always something to be happy about. Same thing with outdoor plants. Plus they really can make a garden or back yard very beautiful to enjoy in the warmer months.

Plants are very sensitive. When moving, some just get very shocked and drop their leaves all over the place. This seems to happen a lot with fig plants.

At Ferguson Moving & Storage we sometimes recommend clients leave some of their plants for the new homeowners or neighbours. If we do need to move them, a waiver is signed because we need to consider the risk a household move has on a house plants health.

We specialize in moving but sometimes plants and their pots just are not designed to be moved. If you are making a long-distance move, the plants will die because they will have no light for several days and up to two weeks.

Tips for Moving Plants by Vancouver Movers Ferguson Moving & Storage

If you desire to move your plants within Vancouver yourself, here are some handy ways you can do it.

1. Protect your plants by putting them in a square boxes or milk crate. Place towels in the gaps.
2. Transport them in your vehicle. Preferably on the floor in case the pot leaks water.
3. Warm up your car first if it’s a cold day. Maintaining room temperature will help.
4. Keep the moving to a minimum. Transporting your plant is enough. Don’t shift around wondering where it looks best. Try to decide ahead of time where your plants should live.

At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we want to make sure you are looked after. We do care about your plants. This is why we sometimes need to advise you to not move them if you don’t have to.

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