Tips on shipping a vehicle long distance in Canada?

Unless you’re from back to the future, you will need to ship your vehicle or drive it yourself across Canada. Driving is actually more expensive than flying and shipping your car in most cases. Airline tickets are inexpensive and sometimes free if you have Airmiles. When you factor in fuel, hotels, meals, time off work and wear and tear on your car for driving 3000 miles it quickly adds up.

There are a number of ways to ship your vehicle when moving long distance. Many moving companies prefer to keep your car separate from your furniture shipment. They take up a lot of room in the trailer and can be difficult to load and offload.  Another main reason is that cars often leak fluids that can cause damage to your furniture. Shipping a vehicle long distance via moving container is not your best choice.

What is the best method to transport your vehicle long distance from Vancouver to anywhere across Canada?

Tips on Shipping a Vehicle

The answer is by train. Shipping a car via train is much cheaper than by shipping on the road. It’s also done so efficiently that your car is actually washed before it’s returned to you. At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we know all of the best car shipping companies and will handle the entire process for you. We even arrange for your vehicle to be picked up from your house and delivered to your new house. Before you get it back, we arrange to have it washed for you so you can tour your new neighbourhood right away. To get a flat quote for your car, simply provide us the following details.

  1. Vehicle make and model
  2. VIN number
  3. License plate number.
  4. Current location and destination address

Vehicles seem like a good thing to stuff full before transporting, however, you must have the vehicle completely empty. This includes the trunk. Gas tank should be less than ¼ full also. If you need help shipping a vehicle long distance, let us know and we’ll help you out! Contact Ferguson Moving and Storage for a moving quote.


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