What to Do When Something Goes Wrong on Your Move?

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When something goes wrong on your move

What to do when something goes wrong on your move

We’re all human. Everyone makes mistakes…It’s a cliche but it’s still very true today. With all modern wonders, we humans still make mistakes. Moving and Storage is a tough business in some ways because as a company you’re responsible to move everything people own and make no mistakes.

This contradicts what we know about people in the first place. At Ferguson’s we spend a lot of time and money training our staff to do things correctly. Of course this is true 99% of the time. When mistakes do occur, that’s actually when a company has a chance to shine or run. Many times as consumers, we just want what is fair and reasonable to satisfy our needs. It’s always nice when we actually get more that we hoped for. With movers, it’s no different.

When something goes wrong on a move you want the company to remain approachable and get it fixed. At Fergusons Moving and Storage we commit ourselves to acting quickly on any claims to get them resolved fast. In Fact, we don’t have that many so it’s pretty easy for us.

This is something to consider when choosing a moving company. You need to find out if they are insured, do they resolve disputes Check BBB,  do they have an approachable manor when dealing with any concerns about the estimate?  You may also want to visit the companies office.  A slick website may just be a fake setup to convince you the consumer that you’re dealing with a legit company. In fact, they may just be selling your jobs to outside bidders without telling you. If that happens and you have damages, you may find yourself alone because the passing the buck games begin.

It’s your home and everything you own. Don’t look just for the company that promises a perfect move. Part of your selection process should be selecting a mover that is approachable if your not happy too.

Read some online reviews on epinions.com. There are a lot of sad stories about bad moves. What you should also look out for is the part of each story when the consumer contacted the company to try and get their issue fixed. That’s generally when things go from bad to horrible experience.