Which Season is Best to Move In?

Moving is available to you at any time of year. Did you ever think there may be some seasons that are better to move than others? Of the millions who move each year, most move in the summer season. This is typically because kids are out of school and couples have time off from work.

Here are some reasons Ferguson Moving actually recommends to move in the spring time instead.

Which Season is Best to Move In?

1. The weather in Vancouver is generally good in the spring. There are many days you can pack and move in relatively dry weather.

2. Availability of moving companies you want to work with are much better. Essentially, your movers will have more time to advise you on how to move in the best ways. Also, prices are typically 10% less during the spring moving season.

3. Kids are still in school. You can pack and move while the kids are still being looked after by the public school systems. There’s no need to find babysitters or ask other family members to take care of your kids.

4. Settling into your home well before the summer school holidays hit is a treat. While everyone else is scrambling to hire movers, you can be relaxing in your back yard. You can be inviting over the new neighbors and smiling to yourself every time you hear someone who says they are moving and can’t find anyone to help.

5. House hunting is much better to do in the early spring also. Homeowners typically are willing to sell at lower prices in the early spring than closer to the summer when everything peaks just before summer starts. If you have moving questions please contact Ferguson Moving and Storage.


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