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Coquitlam Movers Explain: Types Of Moving Dollies

When you’re moving your entire house, you have a lot of ‘big’ things to worry about. Packing, padding, selling, purging…it’s a lot of work! But logistically, when it comes time to move the big things (and not just the boxes), you’ll find that they can be a lot of work. Having the right tools can make all the difference. And that includes dollies.


But, different dollies do different things (for better or worse!). In this article, we’ll explain what the different types of dollies are, so you can get an idea of which ones you’ll need, depending on what you’re moving.

Upright, hand-truck 2-wheel dollies


These can be as simple as a metal rack with a small base and wheels. It’s up to you to tie things to it that may fall over during transport.


When you get into fancier models, they can also lay down flat and turn into a wagon-style dolly. So that would give them 4 wheels, but they don’t always have to stand on all fours.


And then, the features can include different types of wheels for different strengths you’ll need, plus foldability and so on.


Here are some examples:



Hand trucks can also be ‘stair climbing’ and technically have 3 wheels on each of two sides. See here for an example:


Platform, 4-wheel dollies with handle bars or without


These dollies have 4 wheels and are meant to be used for bigger objects that need more of a base underneath them.


Sometimes, there is a handlebar, and that handlebar can fold down for easy storage. The casters are usually the swivel kind.


These dollies are wider, and that can also mean they are hard to go up and down stairs, or may not fit through typical house-sized doors.


That said, they can come in all types of sizes and materials. Some are good for industrial applications, and some are smaller and clearly made for moving household or office furniture and boxes, or the like.

Here are examples:



Frame-style flat dollies on casters, 4-wheel, with or without handle bars


These moving dollies are similar to the above platform-style dollies. However, their base is not ‘filled in’ and consists of a frame bottom with a ‘hole’ in it.


The frame can be made out of steel or wood. Sometimes they are carpeted too. They always have at least 4 wheels, since they lay flat. And the wheels can be made of different materials, which can help to be aware of if you need to move across special types of floor or ground.


Here are examples:



Cart dollies with 4 wheels and handlebars


This the type of dolly that you may find when shopping at Home Depot or a hardware store (like the platform dollies mentioned above). They are often designed to move long, horizontal objects like rolls of carpet or lumber. In the case of household moving, they can be used for things like mattresses, bed frames and shelving.


These can have a platform-style base, or a ‘frame’ base. But they are built with protection on at least two sides. They push like a cart. And, like the other moving dollies mentioned above, they can be made of various materials. They also can have different names, like “panel cart” or “carpet dolly” and so on.


Some are narrow and tall, some are wide and flat, and some can be made for special uses.


Here are some examples:


Automotive dollies, also called caster wheel dollies


Depending what you need to move, sometimes automotive dollies come in handy. These are kind of like the platform dollies mentioned above, without handlebars, but they are indented or curved instead of being flat.


Here are examples:

See related article on our blog:


Dealing with tools & heavy equipment when moving in Vancouver


Specialty dollies for moving pianos, hot tubs, appliances and more


Aside from the multi-use dollies mentioned above, sometimes special cases require special dollies. For example, there are companies that make dollies specifically for moving pianos or hot tubs.


These will have a specific shape and purpose (of course). They are usually what professional movers will have on hand for carrying out big and careful moving jobs frequently. The investment to buy these things for your one-time move may not be worth it.


Here are some examples:


Piano dollies



See related on our blog:


How to move a piano

Moving Music Studio Equipment, Relocating Instruments Safely


Hot tub dollies



Pallet jacks and jack lifts



Hydraulic lift dollies and climbers



Appliance dollies



Make sure your professional movers have the right dollies for your move


When you hire a professional mover, you’ll know how experienced they are based on the tools they have ready for your job. They’ll also be able to make recommendations on how to move your furniture or appliances, etc. with ease. That may include some specialty dollies.


Burnaby Movers On What To Know When Moving Furniture On Top Of Your Car

When you’re trying to fit your furniture in your car to do a DIY move, and they just won’t fit (even with the seats folded down), you may be tempted to try a roof hauling on moving day. If you do go this route, keep in mind some of these things to know, before you find yourself in a moving-day pickle!

Know your insurance and liability before moving furniture on top of your car


Recently, a driver in the USA was ticketed for overloading the roof of his car with furniture.


In B.C., you’ll want to check with ICBC about non-collision damage and equipment damage or loss (see page 12 of this document). You’ll notice it’s hard to find information about coverage for items you’re strapping to your roof. Since we’re not lawyers or insurance agents, do your bit and call to find out the rules regarding what you’re going to transport on top of your car.


But you’re not just protecting your own car from damage. What if your furniture flies off the roof of your car on a freeway and hits someone else’s windshield? Don’t let dumb things like this happen. As Popular Mechanics says, “don’t be an idiot.”

Know your weight allowances and potential damage to your vehicle


When you move items on top of your car, especially furniture, you can damage your car. Even the tie down process can affect the weather strip on your car doors, which can eventually lead to leaks. Your car also has weight allowances for what it can carry (see Popular Mechanics article linked to above). And if you’re using a car roof rack, it can also have it’s own weight limitations.


Be sure you are protecting your car when you haul furniture on top of it. It’s not worth the money you’re trying to save if you dent or scratch your car while trying to do a DIY move. Hire a professional for the really heavy, clunky stuff. Or, rent a real moving truck made for the job.


You are also going to need to drive slowly, for obvious reasons, and avoid freeways if you can. Consider wind resistance when driving with items on your car roof. And, if you overload or load incorrectly, your car’s center of gravity can be affected, which can get dangerous and wobbly. Read this article about the dangers of overloading and too much weight on your car.

Get the right straps to haul furniture on your car roof for moving day


You will need really good rope (if you know how to tie knots properly), but preferably proper moving straps to haul furniture on your car roof. According to an article linked to above, bungee cords are not enough here.


Ratchet moving straps, or loading straps can be bought just for this event, if you don’t have them. Even IKEA sells these.


The Popular Mechanics article above also recommends a cargo net as a catch-all just in case.

Tie your furniture to your car properly, and with foresight to how you’re going to get in and around


If you read this article, you’ll see that we can make some silly mistakes when we’re so focused on tying down the furniture on the roof of our car. One girl accidentally tied all her doors shut after a lot of complex, logistical strapping, and had to climb in from the window!


Plus, an article linked-to above also describes that when you tie items to your car, you need to consider things like “tension” and “air loads.” This is why the right straps are important, as well as the right skills in how to tie your furniture to your car.


Then, if you’re going to be heading out of a garage, will your load be too high and hit the top edge? What about bridges or tunnels? Be careful! Measure if you have to.


Your best bet will probably be to have a roof rack on your car for this job. There are, of course, travel boxes you can have tied to the top of your car, which would come in handy for camping or other excursions later on.


This article describes in detail some good tying down methods for moving items on top of your car.

If car roof hauling proves to be too complicated, consider your other options


If this is your first time trying to tie a load onto the top of your car, it may be best to put this off until you can practice with a bike rack or smaller items later on.


Other options can be hitching a trailer to the back of your car, borrowing a friend’s truck or SUV, or, hiring professional movers.


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More ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey

New ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey BC

Previously we presented some tips from movers in in Surrey on repurposing storage containers. When you are moving in Surrey, you may find it useful to have a portable storage container for storage and renovation purposes. Once your storage container has served its purpose, it will provide you with an opportunity to get creative and transform your new backyard. Here are some ideas to get you started on this cool DIY project.

From portable storage to garden gazebo: create your own personal paradise!

If you have a garden in your new backyard, you could also transform your storage container into a beautiful deck or gazebo to complement your outdoor space. Once movers in Surrey help you complete your move and you are done with your extra storage, you can start the transformation process. Search the web for inspiration, create your plans, and get building!

If you are planning on bringing your garden with you when you move in Surrey, check out these tips:

Storage companies in Surrey will love your storage container workshop

If you are done storing furniture, supplies, and other belongings after your Surrey movers are long gone, turn a storage container into a new storage facility with a specific purpose! This can be a great place to store your tools or projects, and can even give you a space to work on DIY projects if you design it that way.

See our related article on how to move a shed:

Plus, how to handle tools and heavy equipment when moving:

After your Surrey movers leave, turn your storage container into a small business

If you have a storage container on your hands after your Surrey move, but no longer want it on your property, combine it with your entrepreneurial dreams to create a small café or shop! Maybe you have a specific location in mind, or perhaps you want to have a pop-up shop on wheels. The tricky thing about this idea is that you will want to make sure you have the right zoning and permits, and these will vary depending on what your business plans are. Once you have your ideas mapped out, check with the city of Surrey before bringing your plans to life.

Use Pinterest to find more ideas on repurposing portable storage in Surrey

Many of these ideas can be found on, and you can find many more ways to repurpose your portable storage in Surrey there. Check out our article about moving hacks on Pinterest to learn more about how to use Pinterest, and to pick up some helpful moving tips while you’re at it!

One of the great things about moving into a new place is the opportunity to get creative and try out new projects that fit with your new home. Transforming portable storage in Surrey is a bigger project, but it is a great way to spend time getting to know your new living environment and really make it your own. Turn this into your own personal project, and have fun getting in touch with your creative side!

If you need a professional moving company in Surrey BC, give Ferguson Moving and Storage a call at 604-922-2212 or request a quote online through our website!

Two more ways to customize your home in a rental-friendly way

How to customize your rental home (part 2)

Last week we gave 3 great ideas for customizing a home when you’ve moved into a rental. Sometimes a rental is a great financial decision. But it leaves out the fun of customizing the parts of your home that many like to feel more ‘permanent.’ It’s also not always worth your money to put investment into a home that’s not technically yours. But, you can still personalize your rental home with these great, affordable ideas! Here are more tips for projects to take on when you’ve moved into a rental in Vancouver.

More rental friendly decor ideas

4) Fake, removable wood and brick walls

You know that look in some home design magazines, where they show you a super cool lofty apartment that has exposed brick? Or these amazing wood walls that look like a country cabin? And you think ‘where do people FIND these homes to move into?’

Well, you can fake that when you move into a rental.

And there are a few ways to do it. Best of all, they are all temporary solutions. So, when you move out of a rental, you can easily take them down and the landlord won’t be upset!

Printed paper with moulding-made borders

This one is simple, and if you use 3M Command strips (without hooks of course), you can probably do this without holes too. Here is how one person did it. If you use finishing nails on the wood strip borders you’ll have tinier holes to patch on moving day, and they won’t look as obvious.

Faux texture with wall panels

You can buy wall panels at a hardware store that look like ‘real’ brick or wood, and other material. They run roughly $50 each (but check your local prices). You can cut and line them up to fit your accent wall in a rental. Or, if you like to DIY your own stuff, TheSorryGirls on YouTube posted a video about how they made their own faux brick white wall, bypassing the stucco plain walls in a rental suite.

Real wood planks on studs

This one is not as temporary as the other ideas, but also not that difficult to fix up after you move out of a rental. It’s also something the landlord may be ok with you keeping up, because it can look amazing. Here is a video giving you a basic idea of what’s involved in setting up a wood plank wall. Keep in mind, you can do this with pallet wood, which you can often find for free. See our article on how to find, and repurpose old wood pallets.

With a bit of creativity, you can plan to install your own stud points, like this video shows (except you’d want to match up your studs to studs behind the drywall, and use nails, not glue, to better protect the wall finish). By making your own studs, you can reduce the amount of damage you’ll make in the wall. Thereafter, if you do need to remove the real wood planks, you can simply use a wall filler, sandpaper and paint to patch up the holes.

A useful note: most paint stores can sell you a small bucket of about $5 worth of paint. If you tell them the code or name of the colour you painted with originally. Then, you can do touchups even more efficiently. Ask your landlord if they can get you this information. Or, take a sample of your surface to the paint store, and see if they can colour match it.

‘Brick looking’ tiles

This is not temporary at all, but we wanted to mention it, in case you can get away with it with your landlord, and don’t mind the investment. There are tiles that look like faux brick, to give you that brick wall feeling, if you choose to go this route. They also exist in faux wood style too!

5) Con-Tact Paper, wall vinyl stickers and removable, paintable wallpaper

These are a few things we’re bundling into one category for your exciting rental move in (you’re excited to decorate now, right?). These ideas all go on your walls, and they can all be removed.

Of course, test on a patch before you go at this – keeping in mind that if your walls are painted, and if they were painted incorrectly, even masking tape could theoretically remove the paint. For this one you may want to ask your landlord for the replacement paint colour, in case you need to do touch-ups after you move out (see note above).

Con-Tact Paper

This stuff is commonly known for being a shelf liner. Nowadays though, crafty people all over the internet are using it for ‘marbelizing’ their desks, cutting out their own stickers and covering up all sorts of things with amazing, removable designs.  TheSorryGirls did a video showing how they cut out triangles of copper Con-Tact paper to make a great-looking hallway entrance that could be removed or repositioned. You may need to run a blow dryer on old contact paper to remove it efficiently before you move again. Google is your friend in this department!

See how this appliance got a ‘stainless steel’ look with Cont-Tact paper. And, Cont-Tact paper comes in a frosty-window style as well, to give you some privacy. Here is how one person made her windows frosty, but interesting with Con-Tact paper.

Some go all out and use Cont-Tact paper like wallpaper too. Google the subject and you’ll be sure to find tons of inspiration.

Temporary, paintable wallpaper

Yes, this exists. It’s a thing. You can buy wallpaper that is meant to be removed, or meant to be painted over. EngineerYourSpace made a YouTube video showing how this can be done in a rental suite, along with tips for a custom backsplash in a rental.

Vinyl wall stickers

These are not new at all, and you’ve probably seen them pop up with popularity in the last few years. You can buy them inexpensively if you order online, and, you can even buy the material at a craft store to create your own, as this YouTube video explains.

Keep up the decorating even after you’ve moved in!

Of course, decorating and customizing your rental home doesn’t have to happen as soon as you move in. You can take your time to work on it, and to get things matching with your existing furniture. When you’re ready for more ideas, here are some additional articles to get your search underway!

And, if you’re looking for more information on moving into a rental, or allowing others to move into your own rental suite, check out these articles from our blog!

Need to get started on your move?

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3 ideas for repurposing used moving pallets after you move in Vancouver

Repurposing pallets after you move in Vancouver

From thrift stores to reclaimed furniture– reusing and revamping has definitely become a hot trend as of late. Wood pallets are a common object to be repurposed because they are fairly cheap, widely available, and are quite durable.

Businesses of all kinds utilize these pallets to move things to and from their stores. Moving trucks and transport trucks often always have pallets when large items are being moved. If you’re ever at a grocery store late in the evening, when it’s time to restock shelves, you’ll see that most of the goods are stacked up on pallets. Moving companies in Vancouver like them simply because they are easy to wrap, stack and transport.

So basically, they are about as common as it gets– and you’ll have no trouble finding them. Or, maybe you’ve just finished moving in Vancouver and you’ve got some laying around. Tell your Vancouver movers to leave them behind, because you’ve got some cool plans!

Outfit your new home by creatively reusing old moving pallets

Once you’ve properly disassembled them, here are three ideas for repurposing moving pallets:

Build your own DIY garden:

This one doesn’t require as much disassembly. Even if you don’t have any yard space, a pallet can make it easy to bring a garden into your apartment or condo. By making a garden out of a pallet, you can have the foliage of your choice nicely organized and laid out for all to see. Perfect to set up at your new home once you’ve moved, both indoors and outdoors!

Some people have opted for a herb garden so you can have fresh ingredients in your food. Others have filled them with flowers. Or, you can grow different arrays of grasses and shrubbery for the perfect natural addition to any room.

Create handmade, custom artwork:

After you’ve moved into your new home, the perfect addition to any space is to adorn it with original artwork. Making art with moving pallets might just be its second most popular use besides being used tomove things. You can make a canvas that acts as a great landing spot for photo transfers, strings of lights, or painted text.

You can get artsy by mixing and blending different colours to cover the wood completely. Or, you can leave its natural grain and paint on inspirational quotes, names– anything to personally customize the home you’ve just moved into.

Design and build unique furniture pieces:

Arguably the most time consuming and complex… but just imagine the thrill of a final result! If the thought of building something is completely foreign to you, you can start off easy by building a table or desk. This has minimal cutting and sawing and is more a project of sanding, staining and painting once your frame and top have been completed.

If you’re ready to tackle more complex projects, you can try building chairs, a bed frame (that link has way more projects too), or cabinet. Some people have even gone so far as to build their own dog houses!

Hire a trusted moving company in the Lower Mainland!

Our professional movers in Vancouver will make sure your next move is done effectively– so you can get started on your DIY projects! If you’d like to get in touch about your next move, call us at 604-922-2212! You can also check us out online for a quick quote!