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How long does it take to pack a home? – Vancouver Moving and Packing Tips


Vancouver Moving and Packing Tips – this video explains how long it takes to pack a typical home and gives practical advise on how to set yourself up for packing success. Learn more about Ferguson Moving and Storage at This moving tips video will answer questions for your moving needs: Average days in advance to prepare for moving day. What to pack and what not to pack first. How many boxes to pack a typical kitchen. How many days to pack…etc.

Delta movers find moving checklists for Pinterest lovers

If you love organizing, planning, making things pretty, and being ‘on top of it’ all the time, you’re going to love these moving checklists our Delta movers found for checklist lovers.


Moving checklists aren’t just for packing (though packing checklists are really handy). They can help you remember all the little details of the before-and-after of your move too.


Here are our favourites!

‘Anything but packing’ checklist for your move


Here is the link:


The checklist above doesn’t mean you don’t have to pack! It’s just a list of things other than packing that you have to take care of when you move. You might soon realize there is more to it than you think (or remember from last time), and planning in advance is key!

Change of address checklists


Here are the links:


Plus we have articles on this topic too! See the links below:


Changing Addresses & Moving Services, Checklist & Guide for Metro Vancouver

Office Relocation Checklist


Whether you use the ones we found above, or make your own with modified checkboxes, this is a handy tool to make sure your mail and bills are going to the right place after you move. You can save so much hassle by doing this. And, you might be able to save money by not going with a forwarding address service, since you’ll have told everyone who needs to know what your new address is.

Checklists for monthly and weekly stages of packing before a move


Here are the links:


These checklists help you identify the things you really, really could be packing up early. They lead up to the things you use more often as the moving day gets closer. Planning a move in advance will save you so much stress compared to packing all at once a week before you move. You’d be surprised how much stuff you actually have when you start packing, and how many boxes they could take to fill up!

Cleaning checklist for before you move


Here is the link:


When you move, especially out of a rental, you’ll need to prep the place for the new tenants. Hopefully your next home will have been cleaned out by its previous dwellers, as an equal courtesy to you. But cleaning when you move can reveal a lot of messy areas you’ve been ‘hiding’ unintentionally with your stuff. There is dirt you probably don’t even see on a daily basis. Or, there could be dirt and dust you didn’t mind living with, but no one else would find acceptable (our ‘own’ dirt just feels cleaner, doesn’t it?). So you’ll want to give this one time. And make sure you’ve checked off all the boxes in the above list, to save on your damage deposit!


On that note, here are hacks for moving cleaning:


Here are some of our own how-to blog articles on cleaning for a move:


How to Clean Vents Before Moving In

How to clean and fix damaged items after moving

Decluttering checklists for when you move


Here are the links:


Speaking of clean up, when you get packing, you’ll notice you need to tidy out your stuff by decluttering. Otherwise, you’ll be moving unnecessary items to your new home, creating more of a mess. But it’s hard to know what to bring and what to toss. The checklist above is a great help to get you started.


You’ll also want to check out our article on minimalism for this one, which may have more resources and inspiration for you to start your decluttering checklist:


How to adapt a minimalist lifestyle after moving


And, opposite to decluttering, you may need to buy some things for your move, to make it easier on you. We wrote an article on this topic here:


5 Things to Buy, Before Moving

Checklists for your first night after moving


Here are the links:


When you arrive at your new home after moving, and all you see are boxes and boxes of stuff, it’s hard to know where to begin unpacking. Take it one step at a time. The checklist above guides you through your first night in your new home. For example, you need toilet paper and eating utensils for sure. So start with that!

Printable planning checklists for moving, to cover all the things you didn’t think of


Here are the links:


Plus, we have a printable checklist too! See the link below:


Checklists that you can print off are probably the greatest idea since sliced bread, don’t you think? The ones above include budget spreadsheets, and a sheet for writing down names and price quotes of moving companies. Very handy.

The checklist you need to make on your own: the unpacking list


Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of these on Pinterest (that we could find) – probably because most of the stress is getting moved out on time, and that’s where checklists come in handy. Plus, you know what you need most when unpacking. That said, there are plenty of lifehacks for moving on Pinterest that can help you make your own unpacking list.


We hope you enjoyed these helpful resources from our Delta movers!


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Cool Pinterest hacks for moving in Richmond BC

Cool Pinterest hacks found by Richmond movers

We formerly wrote about reasons you’d want to move to Richmond, B.C. But, amidst the busyness of a planning a move in Richmond or Metro Vancouver, anything that makes your life a little easier is definitely in your best interest. Pinterest is the hub of all things DIY on the internet, and can give you endless tips and tricks to simplify your Richmond move. All you have to do is know how to find them! Our Richmond movers found some cool ways to do just that.

How to find moving hacks on Pinterest

Before you start searching for your local moving and packing tips, it is a good idea to make an account on Pinterest. This way, you will be able to ‘pin’ your favourite ideas to reference later. Once you make an account, it’s time to start looking for ideas!

Try searching for hacks made from specific materials you have lying around your house. For example, after a move, storage boxes or moving pallets can easily be repurposed and made into something great.

If you click on a picture you find on Pinterest, you can then select ‘open article’ below it for more details. Once you find some moving hacks that interest you, pin them to yourPinterest board. On your board, you will be able to see pictures of all your favourite moving hacks and moving DIY projects!

Here are some of our Richmond movers’ favourite hacks!

  1.  Pack heavy items like books in suitcases. The wheels on the suitcases will allow them to serve as a simple form of portable storage, and will not hurt your back moving them around.
  2. Wrap clean socks around delicate items like wine glasses to keep them from breaking while also eliminating waste. This environmentally friendly hack will keep your breakable things safe and reduce the amount of moving supplies you need to purchase.
  3. Place small jewelry in an ice cube tray or egg carton to prevent them from getting tangled or lost during your move to Richmond!
  4. Wrap your silverware trays with plastic wrap or paper to simplify the unpacking process. This can also work for bins of toys or other organizers.
  5. Keep kitchen and bathroom drawers together by putting all the contents in large Ziploc bags before dumping them in moving and storage boxes.
  6. Organize your electric cords with toilet paper tubes to keep them visible and untangled. If you have multiple cords from one device, keep them together to make settling in easier.

If you want more of our favourite hacks for moving house, check some previous blog posts from movers listed below. These hacks will not only make your Richmond move run smoothly for a smaller cost, they will also help simplify your moving checklist:

DIY Pinterest hacks are a great way to make your Richmond moving experience easier even with a small budget. So start searching for hacks you can make right at home, and try sharing any unique projects you create yourself!

5 Things to Buy, Before Moving

Things to pick up at a hardware store for your next moving day haul

If you like life hacks, or just being a handy kind of person, you might like knowing about some products that can make your next moving day, or move-in easier. We find these typically at hardware stores, but a department store with a hardware section in it may have these things as well. Here is our list of things to pick up at a hardware store before moving day, or to prepare for moving day.

1) Sturdy moving crates

Usually made of wood, but also of plastic, you can find moving crates to hold the heavier, bulkier items you need to move. When a cardboard box won’t do, spending the $10 – $13 or so to get a sturdy wooden box for moving day may just be worth the investment. You won’t want your wine collection, for example, to break on moving day.

And, if you ask nicely, the store may also have some moving pallets that can come in handy for the really big moves, like for large heavy planters, and so on. These pallets are usually used with special moving equipment. If you’re doing a more industrial move, however, you may need these anyway.

2) Moving dollies of various shapes and sizes

A dolly is not just a dolly. Certain dollies can be made for different uses, like for appliances or boxes. Especially if you plan to move again, you may want invest in the right type of equipment that will allow youmove things more easily on wheels.

You may also want a dolly with a flat surface, or a wagon, to be able to pull things more easily and make fewer trips to your moving truck or car when it comes time for transporting.

These are not always cheap, so see if the hardware store can rent these out. They can usually rent out tools, and dollies may be part of that offering. Or, check Craigslist or your good friend who owes you a favour!

3) Boxes, bungee cords and moving blankets or pads

Yes, there are blankets devoted to the use of moving! There are also all sorts of bubbly, soft padding products made specifically for moving. Some things needs that extra TLC, like your electronics or breakables. Here is what the Home Depot sells in this department, for example.

Plus, the hardware store can carry more typical moving supplies, like moving boxes. And specially-made moving boxes can be useful because when they are all the same size, they stack more easily. Some may be more sturdy than others as well. We would of course suggest going green with a company like Frogbox, so sturdy plastic containers can be re-used, instead of cardboard boxes creating more waste (even if they are recycled later). But for some, cardboard is just the way to go when moving. The hardware store can carry these at some reasonable prices too.

And don’t forget, Ferguson Moving and Storage also has moving supplies! When you hire us to do your move for you, you can also pick up moving supplies from us, making one less stop for you.

4) Power washers, wet dry vacs and other tools and equipment to use before you move

Sometimes you just need the heavy duty stuff around to be able to work faster or take care of the jobs that need more effort before you move. And oftentimes, renting the equipment is only a tad cheaper than buying it straight out (though we encourage you to do your own cost comparisons). For example, for your move, you may be able to make use of:

Power washers can help you clean the outside of your home, or your concrete or driveway a lot faster than trying to scrub by hand. This can help stage your home for a sale as well.

Wet dry vacs are industrial style vacuums that we’re sure some homemakers or clean freaks will absolutely love and want to keep. They can clean up really messy big pieces of dirt and debri from construction waste. But when you’re dealing with dust, and a lot of in-and-out foot traffic on moving day, these can help a lot. If you crack a glass on moving day, grab the wet dry vac! If there’s mud on moving day(because of rainy Vancouver, no doubt), use the wet dry vac! Plus they can suck up dirt around the corners of your walkway leading to your door, paper and plastic pieces and other junk that could easily clog up a ‘regular’ vacuum.

Drills and other power or hand tools will also come in handy when you need to do things like remove door pegs to be able to take out doors so furniture can move in and out more easily. They can also help with uninstalling or installing shelving, wall nails, cabinets, light fixtures, high-end fire alarms, or other household items you invested in over the years and want to take with you on moving day. You can also take apart IKEA furniture more easily this way, if you desire to flat pack it all over again, and then put it together at your destination (we know, slim chance, but we thought we’d mention it anyway!).

5) Home repair materials for moving in or moving out

Inevitably there are going to be holes in the walls from the pictures or art you’ve taken down that will need spackling. And there may be some electrical outlet covers you’ll want to replace. Or you may want to fix a broken switch you never got around to before you had to move.

To prepare you home for its new tenants, you may want to pick up some inexpensive home repair material at the hardware store before you move. Drywall hole filler material can be just a few dollars, and there are even kits that come with everything you need to fix patches. Here is just one example.

If you know the paint code or name of your walls, you can buy small buckets of paint that cost less than $10, to do some patch ups (word of the wise: not all whites are equal!).

Some easy wood glue can fix some peeling moulding or baseboards too.

There is also such a thing as silicone remover, like this product, so you can easily re-do the silicone caulk in a bathroom or kitchen before you move, or after your move-in.

And of course, the list goes on! That’s what the hardware store is for, after all!

Need Extra Help?

Call us for advice on what to buy before you move! Ferguson Moving and Storage in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam and Langley offers professional moving services, and that can include letting you know our best tips and advice for prepping your home before or after moving day. Give us a call at 604-922-2212 or contact us through our website.

Making preparations for moving a chandelier in Vancouver

How to pack & move a chandelier in Vancouver

Picture this: you’ve invested into decorating your home and decided to top it off by mounting a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind chandelier high above your foyer. A grand gesture at the very least. Whether your chandelieris the size of a flower bouquet or as large as a recliner, chandeliers are a unique situation– as in, they hang. The next time you are moving in Vancouver and have a chandelier that needs to come along, here are a few ways you can make sure it’s protected!

Steps to secure your chandelier during take down and moving

The surest way to move a chandelier is to have it encased in a customized box. When you first buy a chandelier, it may, or may not come in separate pieces. Some customized models already come fully assembled with pieces completely fused together. Therefore, it’s likely you’ll be stuck with one hanging piece of glory that can’t be set down or taken apart.

But if it can be taken apart, that would be a good idea. If it’s made of glass, remove the glass pieces, and wrap them individually with something that will provide a ‘cushion’ during the move.

You’ll have to purchase a shipping crate (wood is ideal so you can customize) big enough to leave room for about 4-6 inches on each side. For step by step instructions of how to turn a crate into a transportable chandelier perch, visit this blog.

Staying safe and handling electricity for a chandelier move

Before you remove the chandelier, make sure the lights are off! Find your fuse box and the corresponding breaker so you can turn it off while the chandelier is being taken down AND re-hung. Doing this may turn off other parts of the house’s electricity points at the same time temporarily. So, you’ll want to do the chandelier removal in daylight or have battery operated lights handy. They are available in hardware sections of department stores if you don’t want to go to a hardware store.

You should not be removing your chandelier on your own if it is directly wired to your ceiling wires. You need to hire a professional electrician to do this, as it is a major safety hazard. Sometimeschandeliers or lights may use a plug to connect the wires to the electricity. These are much safer to handle, and wouldn’t require an electrician. Simply unplug and go.

Now, keep in mind: you’ll likely be on a ladder when taking down your chandelier. If you are trying to balance yourself up high, and trying to hold up something heavy at the same time, you’ll need someone to spot you. Or you may consider some safety gear. Think of how the disconnecting of the chandelier will suddenly put a lot of weight on your arms. You’ll want to be prepared for this. If it’s a lot to handle, you could hurt both yourself and the chandelier.  Setting up a hoist to ‘hook’ the chandelier to may be a good idea, so you don’t drop it. This way you could descend it slowly.

Prep your new home and give your chandelier some TLC

You will also want to consult with an electrician in Vancouver before you move. Perhaps special wiring is needing to be installed at your new place, especially if your chandelier was a plug-in formerly. Finding the right spot to hang the chandelier, and getting those wires to that spot, will require new wiring and holes in the ceiling. And, if your new switch has a dimmer, whereas the old house didn’t, you’ll need to take this into consideration to. Dimmers can require special bulbs. Or, if there is no dimmer, and you wanted one, you will need to ask the electrician to set that switch up for you.

The electrician may also help with determining if the mount at your new home can handle the weight of the chandelier. Talk to the previous owners if necessary so you can get a good idea of the sturdiness and age of the ceiling before you mount on it. Generally you’ll want to find a stud to hang it from. But if your studs have been weakened in any way, this should be checked out first (especially if you see water spots on the ceiling).

Also, before you hoist it up in your new home, take the opportunity to give it a good clean. Bonus if you can switch out the bulbs for LED’s– they are safer because they don’t emit heat nor use as much energy! They also don’t come with the mercury dangers of CFLs in case they break.

Ask your local moving company about special arrangements for moving a chandelier

It’s important to let your moving company know of a specialized, fragile item like a chandelier in advance. This is because there might be special packing materials they can offer in addition to your crate, as well as coordinating the lifting of it out of your house and into your new one.

You’ll want to make sure your local movers have had some experience and knowledge about transporting things like a chandelier. In particular, Ferguson Moving in Vancouver has been involved in specialized moving and installations that deal with high value, luxury items. For example, our team of hotel movers in Vancouver managed to outfit the entire Fairmont Pacific Rim flawlessly, and in due time before its grand opening. This project certainly involved its fair share of chandeliers and ornate fixtures!

Hire a Vancouver moving company that takes great care in any move!

Whether you have a chandelier to move out of your house, or are a hotel needing furnishings moved or installed, we have a trained team to get the job done safely. If you are require hotel movers in Vancouver or a team to tackle your home, call us at 604-922-2212 or click here for an online quote.