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5 Things to Buy Before Moving

Things to pick up at a hardware store for your next moving day haul If you like life hacks, or just being a handy kind of person, you might like knowing about some products that can make your next moving day, or move-in easier. We find these typically at hardware stores, […]

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How to Move a Chandelier

How move a chandelier Picture this: you’ve invested into decorating your home and decided to top it off by mounting a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind chandelier high above your foyer. A grand gesture at the very least. Whether your chandelier is the size of a flower bouquet or as large as a

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moving construction tools and heavy equipment

Moving Tools and Heavy Equipment

Moving tools and heavy equipment Your garage, shed, or shop might be a place that you’d write off as being easy to move. It might already act like a ‘storage space’ with things in tote bins or packed away in boxes. However, it is important to consider a strategy for moving any motorized

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How to help a hoarder move

Helping a Hoarder Pack & Move There’s been a lot of attention given to hoarding, especially now that there have been some primetime shows featuring this problem. For anyone not familiar with this issue, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Many of us tend to have some difficulty letting

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