Choose Your Own Moving Company for Insurance Claims

moving company for insurance claims

Empowering Canadian Homeowners: Choose Your Own Moving Company for Insurance Claims


Home insurance claims in Canada often come with a range of complexities, especially when it involves moving property due to damages caused by unforeseen events like fires, floods, or other natural disasters. In such scenarios, a key component of the insurance claim is the selection of a moving company to transport and store belongings safely. Traditionally, insurance companies have had the prerogative to choose the moving company, often opting for the cheapest option to minimize costs. However, recent trends have shifted towards granting policyholders more control in this process.

This change is significant for homeowners, as it acknowledges the emotional and practical value of their belongings. When faced with the stress of a home insurance claim, being able to select a moving company that the homeowner trusts can provide a sense of security and comfort. This choice allows homeowners to opt for companies they may have prior positive experiences with or those that come highly recommended by trusted sources.

Furthermore, this policy change can lead to better care of the property being moved. Homeowners are likely to select movers who have a reputation for reliability and careful handling of items, reducing the risk of damage during transit. This can ultimately benefit the insurance company by minimizing additional claims for damaged goods.

Considerations for policyholders

There are some considerations for policyholders to keep in mind. While they have the choice of moving company, it’s essential to confirm that the selected mover is approved by their insurance provider and falls within the budget allocated for the move in the policy. Moreover, homeowners should thoroughly research and vet potential moving companies, ensuring they have a good track record and necessary insurance to protect against any damages during the move.

In conclusion, the ability for homeowners in Canada to choose their moving company for insurance claims represents a significant shift towards more customer-centric practices in the insurance industry. This change not only improves the claim experience for homeowners but also encourages higher standards in the moving industry, ultimately benefiting all parties involved.

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