6 Steps often overlooked on Office Moves

office moves

6 steps often overlooked on office moves:


  1. Did you empty your desk of all its contents?

You wouldn’t know it, but most desks need to be stood on end to move around corners and into elevators. Be sure to pack all of your drawers to avoid spillage.

2. Don’t forget the supply cabinets

Office supply cabinets have a way of becoming junk stations in some offices. Things go in there that nobody knows what to do with. Old keyboards, mouse pads and even calendars that nobody wanted from Christmas 4 years ago. Purge and pack the supply cabinet.

3. Is the equipment in your office disconnected?

     Wires, cords, cables and twist ties. Make sure all of your cords are completely labeled and kept with the original computers. Some offices dump all of the cords into a single bin. This is a huge mess and a big mistake. Instead, hiring an I.T. company to relocate your computers and servers is a better idea. Also this could be a good time to consider upgrading. Your old computers can be formatted and donated to worthy charities.

4. Have you backed up computer data?

Lost data is no way to start off in your new corner office. Be sure to back up and even back up your backups. Seriously, you will be the hero in your office for a smooth move. We don’t need to stretch your imagination too far on what co-workers will say if there is data loss.

5. Are the “Do Not Move” tags placed?

Leaving the fridge behind? Perhaps you’re getting all new office chairs as a bonus for getting everyone excited about moving. Or at least mildly amused. Be sure to label everything you aren’t bringing to ensure it won’t reappear at the new Vancouver office.

6. Are the floor plans posted at your new location?

Office movers need a floor plan to give you an efficient move. Post the floor plan everywhere. It’s also a great idea to colour code each office to make things even smoother.

Ferguson Moving & Storage Company are expert office movers. We make sure your office move is smooth and efficient, with little to no disruptions. 

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