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‘Best of HomeStars’ for the 5th time!

Thank you for helping us achieve “Best of HomeStars” as a Vancouver moving company for the 5th time!

This year, we are proud to announce that we’ve won “Best of 2017” on for the 5th time. We maintain a 9.6 / 10 average for reviews given of our moving company services. writes about their criteria for picking the “Best of” companies each year. We wanted to comment on how we aim to be the best Vancouver moving company in town, but not just on! This has been our aim since before people were leaving reviews on websites about us! We’ve had a lot of word-of-mouth compliments during our history too. However, to keep things simple, we’ll use the same criteria categories that uses:

Integrity: our Vancouver moving and storage company aims for honesty and fairness in all we do

One of the things we want to be known for in the moving and storage industry is being honest. As one of our reviewers wrote:

“Unlike so many other fly-by-night moving companies that charge by weight or time, Ferguson guarantees the written quote. And they are reasonable considering their services! When moving can be so stressful, Ferguson made it a happy and successful day!”

As many have experienced, and as the news often reports, there are a lot of scammy moving companies out there.

We’ve written about how to avoid moving scams on this blog before. Check out these articles:

We avoid most problems that many moving companies cause their customers to endure in the following ways:

  • We do an in-home visit before telling our moving customers what the price of their move will be. This makes the price point more accurate and avoids disputes later.

  • We give a binding quote – not an estimate. This means the price we tell you, is the price you are charged. We also do this in writing.

  • We offer insurance to protect you if anything does break during a move. It’s always a risk, and even if we try to avoid it, it can happen.

  • We take responsibility for our mistakes: if something breaks and it really is our fault, we’ll pay you for it (as a Kelowna customer testified). And if you feel our movers (who are employees, by the way), didn’t complete the job, we’ll come back to fix it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can complain to us, and we’ll listen.

  • We aim to show up on time, and do our job as thoroughly as promised.

Customer service: our moving company goes above and beyond, because we want to be more than just honest and fair

In addition to the above, which you should expect from any moving company you hire, we aim to make our customers happy in the ‘extra’ ways we can. As one reviewer wrote:

“All movers were extremely hard working, and took the time to ensure everything was placed where I wanted, and not one item was damaged even in over a foot a snow. One member even shovelled a pathway in the snow to get entrance to the house Wow! Not many companies would have employees who would do that for their customers. I am so glad I had Ferguson Moving for this move, and didn’t look elsewhere, this team is amazing, and from careful packing of my items, to storage , to final move in, everything went perfect. Quinn even returns phone calls and emails quickly, and is great to deal with. Every mover also we good humoured and pleasant to deal with. Will be using again for next move.”

So sure, we could have just done the job we were paid to do. And nothing would have been wrong with that. We would have lived up to our promise. But we do feel it makes a difference to go the extra mile. If we didn’t, we’d be just like any other honest moving company out there. We want to be more.

You will also notice that we reply to almost every review given to us on And, when something sounds fishy, we give the reviewer the phone number of the president, to reach directly. Yes, that’s right – our president is not too busy to read your reviews, and he cares. Even when we get a bad review, we respond and ask for further follow up. We try to make it right. We hope to maintain that reputation and way of doing business for the rest of our history.

Even when it’s not our fault, we sometimes try to help our community when they’ve been ripped off by another moving company. See a story when we actively reached out to help a family who couldn’t access their belongings because another moving company went bankrupt:

Vancouver moving company offers to help reunite customers with their long lost belongings

Consistency: we treat all our customers with the same integrity and service, because they are our top advertisers

Reputation means a lot to us as a moving company – especially operating in an industry that can be so shady, if you know what we mean. Our company has been around since 1913, and has been in operation under its current ownership and expansion since 2001.

We were around during both World Wars. And we were around before there was the Internet! Like we said above, we have aimed for excellence since long before online reviews were a ‘thing’! Our word-of-mouth reputation has made us popular in our community. We have generations of families who know about us and continue to use our moving services.

That reputation comes from the integrity and customer service we aim for on a daily basis. Everyone we work with is treated well because we know that ultimately, our moving customers are our biggest advertisers.

Call Ferguson Moving & Storage in Vancouver BC

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Our 18 most visited moving articles in 2016 so far (from our Vancouver movers blog)

Keep in mind some of these moving articles were published recently, and so the fact they made it to this list part way through the year is impressive! They may get more and more popular as we progress through our calendar in 2016. Share the ones you find most interesting!

In ascending order, our most popular articles for 2016 thus far are…

18. Black Bear Fears for North Vancouver, West Vancouver, or the Tri-cities?

In this article we delve into something most people probably don’t think about when picking a place to move in Metro Vancouver: the black bears! When you move more North, you’re more likely to run into these wild animals, especially in places you least expect, like your backyard or other local areas. If you have a phobia for black bears, or just want to avoid the dangers of animal sightings where you keep your household garbage, you may want to check this article out:

17. Moving large appliances: How to move a refrigerator

You think it’s simple, right? But it’s not! Refrigerators are not just giant boxes that magically keep things cold! They have working components – even ones that contain liquids – that need to be kept upright. Plus, they’re heavy, and you may want to take some precautionary steps when preparing to move a refrigerator. Our article explains this in more detail:

16. Moving Hacks: Lifehacks that Make Moving Easier

You’ve heard of lifehacks right? Well, we put together some ‘moving hacks’ for you to try. And, not only that, we thought of Vancouver moving families in particular! Like the consideration of labelling in pencil, so that ink doesn’t run if you move on a rainy Vancouver day. Neato, huh? Check out our other life hacks for moving here:

15. Avoid Getting Scammed On Your Move

The words “scam” and “movers” seem to go together a lot in the media. But you know, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes you just need to take some ordinary precautions, while also ensuring you’re using a reputable moving company. And, finding out if a moving company is reputable is not difficult to do. This article explains how to avoid being scammed on your next move:

14. 3 ideas for repurposing used moving pallets after you move in Vancouver

Pinterest and DIY-lovers will feel their creative juices running when they see this article (so share it with them!). And they will probably know about more what can be done with the ever versatile used wood from moving palettes. It seems topics that have the word “repurpose” in them can often run you a moving palette project. We put together three of those projects in this article on our moving blog. And hey, when you move, it’s always a good idea to reduce waste, right? So even if you’re new at repurposing or doing DIY projects, you can get started with these ones!

13. Concrete Houses vs Wood Houses in Review

So you’re deciding whether to move, or you may be shopping for a home, but all of a sudden, the way the home is built is starting to matter. Because you realize, this could have an impact on the daily life you live, and the long-term durability of your home. So which is better, concrete or wood? Well, there are arguments to both sides of the debate, and in this article we go through them. We help you make your own choice, based on your priorities:

12. Dollar store hacks for your next home move

It’s pretty neat this one made our list, since it was published not too long ago. I guess it attests to the interest of humans far and wide to save a buck or two! And don’t we all love to save! Dollar stores these days carry some really interesting items. Often they have items you wouldn’t think of going to a dollar store to buy. In this article, we give you some tips on what to buy from the dollar store for your next home move:

11. IKEA hacks for moving

Also a cool article to be on this list because it was published recently, and is already gaining traction for our moving blog. IKEA is obviously popular when it comes to value-priced home furnishings. But you know, IKEA’s product line goes much further than that. Sometimes you can walk through the IKEA marketplace and totally miss the fact that they sell things like inexpensive power tools, moving dollies and cardboard boxes, plus more. In this article we outline the IKEA knick knacks you’ll probably be able to use for moving. Plus there are perks of doing so at the ever-so-fun-to-visit giant big box store (like a good excuse for retail therapy!):

10. Best Benefits of Moving to Surrey, B.C.

Surrey is a suburb of Metro Vancouver, and moving to Surrey is becoming quite popular as option for urban dwellers who want a more affordable, yet still-vibrant place to live. In this article we outline 3 of the best reasons to move to Surrey, B.C. And you’d be surprised, there are not only new developments and attractions for families, but also bylaws that affect the city which you may want to know about. Check them out in this article:

9. How to Prevent Silverfish: Tips for Vancouver Movers

Bugs are gross for many people, and you know what bugs we see often in Vancouver? Silverfish. Those wiggly creatures can be super annoying, and knowing how to prevent them before moving in Vancouver is an essential skill all Vancouverites should have! Even if your neighbours have them, you can try to prevent them, and we explain how in this article:

8. Overnight Moving Services: Top 6 Questions Renters Need To Ask Moving Companies Before Moving

Renting can come with a lot less headache than home ownership. But it can also come with unexpected surprises. Like confusing move-in and move-out dates. Sometimes, the way dates and leases work, you’ll need to plan for an overnight moving service. This is because if your existing lease ends on the last day of the month, but the new one starts on the 1st, you could have a moving truck full of stuff with nowhere to unload for an entire night! So, to prevent that, here are 6 questions you need to ask a moving company if you are a renter, and planning to hire professional movers:

7. How to help a hoarder move

We know there’s a TV show on this, and TV can sensationalize things a lot. But on the other hand, it can also bring to light some issues that we don’t often think of. If you know a hoarder, you’ll know by now that handling the need to move and get rid of stuff while doing so is not as easy as telling them to ‘pick up and go.’ Awareness of mental illness is at play here. In this article, we cover the signs of hoarding, as well as some tips on how to help a hoarder move:

6. Moving Music Studio Equipment, Relocating Instruments Safely

If you’re a musician, you know that taking care of your instrument is vital to maintaining its lifespan and making sure your creative expression sounds the best it can sound. So moving music studio equipment from one location to another requires utmost attention to detail, including proper casing and humidity prevention. If you’re a musician, you’ll definitely want to show this article to any professional mover, or friends helping you move. This is because they may just not understand why it matters a lot that things are done a certain way when moving musical studio equipment or instruments. So share this link!

5. Tiny House in Metro Vancouver: Difficulties and Solutions

This article is a follow up on a more positive view of moving into a tiny house, which we wrote about here. But honestly, tiny house living can be hard. It looks awesome and cool if you want mobility and a minimalist lifestyle. But realistically you probably have a lot more stuff than can comfortably fit in a tiny home. And it doesn’t stop there! Having a tiny house in Vancouver means finding a legal place to park it, and also a way to hook yourself up to utilities. You’ll want to know what you’re getting into before you decide to build or buy a tiny house and live in it. We discuss these challenges in this article:

4. How to Move a Safe: Vancouver Movers

When you read this title, you may be thinking, ‘well that’s specific!’ And it is. But you know, these are the tricky things that come up when moving. And having an expert on hand is what can make the difference between a smooth move, and a rough one. It’s not always as simple as lift, carry and drop. Special items like safes need to be moved with care and awareness. And so it’s no wonder people like reading this particular moving advice on our blog:

3. How to move a pool table

Here is yet another specific one, and it comes in on the top 3! Pool tables are super sensitive. If you tamper with the table in any wrong way, it can become unleveled. That would make any pool game a totally not legit one. And thus, that would be a waste of a pool table, or an expensive and difficult thing to fix. If you have insurance, you need to be even more careful, because the way you handle the move of a pool table can affect any coverage you may be eligible for. So moving a pool table requires some TLC (tender loving care). Read more about how to move a pool table here:

2. How to Move a Shed: Surrey Movers, Professional Moving Tips

If you really love your shed and don’t want to part with it instead of getting a new one at your new home, you’re going to want to know how to move it. And how to move the stuff inside of it (which we realize, are the not type of things that can be easily or cheaply replaced). This article gives you some detail on how to move a shed:

Our top read moving article: Moving from Vancouver to Victoria

Yes folks, this is the one that gets the most reads on our moving blog. People moving from Vancouver to Victoria apparently come around often. Hey, you may be one of them, or know some of them. It’s an enticing move in either direction – you can either escape city busy life to a nearby island (who gets to do that these days, really! right?) or you can make the move to urban-inity in Vancouver from Victoria. Either way, you’re most likely going to get to one shore or another by boat with all your belongings. So there are logistics to know beforehand. We outline them in this short, but sweet, article:

And there you have it folks! Our top 18 most read blog posts from our Vancouver movers blog!

If you need a moving company in Vancouver BC, Ferguson Moving can help! Call us at 604-922-2212 or request a free quote online to get started!.

What to do if you’ve moved into a house with asbestos

So you moved into a greater Vancouver house with asbestos

The Metro Vancouver area is filled with many houses that have long, intriguing histories. It’s no wonder many people jump at the chance to move into an older house! But there are sometimes a few challenges that can arise. Probably one of the biggest issues is that building regulations were different decades ago. That meant it was okay for houses to be constructed with materials that we now know are harmful. Asbestos is one example of this. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should do if youve moved into a house with asbestos.

Why you should be concerned if youve moved into a house with asbestos

According to, asbestos was once prized as a building material because it is a durable, fire-resistant material that also happens to be a great insulator. Asbestos is also good at stifling sound, allowing people in separate rooms to enjoy privacy and quiet. These qualities made it one of the prime choices for building homes up until the 1970s. However, in more recent years, it has been discovered asbestos can create lung problems. Prolonged exposure can result in lung diseases such as cancer. The problem lies in the fact that tiny asbestos fibers can be inhaled, damaging lung tissue.

Locate asbestos in your home

If youve moved into a house with asbestos, locating the material is often the first step to removing it. However, before we go any further we should mention the province says in removal is not always the answer. Sometimes disturbing asbestos — especially if it’s behind a wall — will only exacerbate the problem. Do not disturb asbestos if you find any in your home. Instead, call a trained a professional to handle it.

Asbestos was a popular building material, so it may be found in many places. Vinyl floor tiles, glue, linoleum, window caulking, roofing material, insulation, cement…the list goes on and on. We’d recommend checking up sites to help you determine where asbestos might be located. The Environmental Protection Agency also has a great site for this as well. And the City of Vancouver offers services that allow you to find your house’s history. This can give valuable insight if and where asbestos was used to build your home.

Make smart choices when hiring an asbestos professional

Before hiring asbestos professionals, it’s best to learn a little bit about the professions — particularly the difference between an inspector and a remover.

Asbestos inspectors are qualified to examine and test material to see if it contains asbestos.

Asbestos removers are qualified to handle, remove and dispose of asbestos.

The difference between these two jobs is important. Removers should not be called in to inspect and vice versa because different qualifications may be needed for each job. This rule is not set in stone and can vary depending on where you live. But to play it safe, use the following information as a guideline. Generally speaking, removers may not be qualified to identify hazardous asbestos — lab training is often needed to do this. Likewise, inspectors may not be qualified to remove harmful materials such as asbestos.

However, some businesses may be qualified to inspect and remove asbestos. But you might want to avoid those companies because of conflict of interest. Inspectors who work with a removal company will have plenty of incentive to prescribe an expensive asbestos removal which may not be necessary.

As a starting point, the B.C. government has provided a list of companies who are experienced in dealing with asbestos.

Keep cool!

If you have just moved in and discovered asbestos in your home, stay calm — it is not always harmful. If undisturbed (e.g. not chipped, peeling, etc.), asbestos is not hazardous because it will not be airborne, according to B.C. government website Also take note the province says that whether or not asbestos is a problem depends on the length of your exposure, your health history and the type of asbestos. If you suspect an area in yourhouse has asbestos, stay away from it. Contact an inspector who can help you make an informed decision.

Moving Company in Vancouver

As Vancouver’s oldest moving company, we’re proud to help share our wisdom on all things moving. We’re here to help keep you informed to ensure your move is as smooth as possible!

For all your moving & storage needs, whether you’re moving within Vancouver or  moving abroad, contact Ferguson Moving and Storage at 604-922-2212 and find out more about us online!


Vancouver moving company offers to help reunite customers with their long lost belongings

Recently a Vancouver moving company went out of business very suddenly, with no forewarning to its customers. Yes, that means some ‘jobs’ were in progress and never got completed.

Due to this, people were left without their belongings for months. What makes matters more complicated is that this was an international moving company, so the people waiting for their items to be moved were in at least 9 different countries around the globe. Not only that, they were asked to take it upon their own expense to get their furniture out of storage before the company would be dissolved and their belongings gone forever.

Some upset customers brought this situation to Steel on Your Side and it was reported on the local news.

A Vancouver moving company stepping in to help out

When this situation was brought to the attention of Ferguson Moving we wanted to make it right.  Since Ferguson is an international moving company also located in Metro Vancouver, we were able to contacted Steel on Your Side to find out how we could help with this situation.

Here’s what we were able to do for these customers

Ferguson Moving was able to contact the overseas customers and offer to move their belongings for them at cost, with no additional moving fees. A typical international moving company usually charges moving fees on top of the cost to ship the items. Considering that the customers had already paid a company this amount, Ferguson Moving decided to pay it forward and use their resources and connections to get things sorted out swiftly for these poor folks. After all, we’re the experts, and it would have been easier for us to do it than for them to figure out the logistics again. It was the least we could do to help these people get reunited with their possessions.

How to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation by finding trustworthy Vancouver moving companies

This is an unfortunate situation, and hopefully you will never find yourself in a similar situation.

There are however some things that you should consider before hiring a moving company, to make sure your belongings will get to their new destination safely.

1) Read customer reviews online to make sure that other customers were satisfied with the services.

2) Ask for referrals! While it may be hard to predict a company going bankrupt, in general if someone else had a great experience with a company, you will too.

3) Look for stability – how long has this moving company been around? What is their reputation like? Sometimes paying a little extra to go with the more well-known and well-established services out there is worth it; you’ll stress less knowing you’re dealing with someone who is interested in doing a quality job, not someone who is trying to do a ‘cheap’ job.

4) Try to sign a binding contract that states that the company will only receive the payment if the job is fully completed.  This may not help in some bankruptcy situations, but still good to always have in place.

We recently wrote an article explaining more tips for finding a reliable moving company in Vancouver.

Vancouver Ferguson Moving Company cares about people and we always want to do everything we can to make the moving process less stressful (even for people who are not our customers).  We are always open to give moving advice and helpful tips about moving in Vancouver, as well as for cross country and international moves.  If you ever find yourself in a tough moving situation please contact us so we can assist you with your move in anyway we can.

Moving Tips: Radio Interview with Vancouver Movers

Listen to our radio interview on “The New Home Real Estate Show” for great tips and insights on moving.

Listen to moving tips from Lorne MacInnes Owner of Ferguson Moving & Storage Company, speaking on:

Click here to listen to Lorne MacInnes from Ferguson Moving on Alan Krueger’s talk show: “The New Home Real Estate Show”

The perfect mover


A perfect mover is courteous, diplomatic, intelligent, patient, humorous and even tempered.

A perfect mover must be strong enough to move anything, yet gentle enough to break nothing; durable enough to work in any kind of weather, the thoughtful enough not to sweat on the furniture; considerate enough to go without lunch to get the job done, yet reasonable enough to accept only modest consideration for his effort.

A perfect mover knows the best way to handle all household items and office equipment. He knows all the streets and highways in Canada and the United states. He always knows the shortest route wherever he goes.

A perfect mover understands people, mechanics, bookkeeping, banking, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, construction, law, medicine, real estate, horse-trading and human rights.

A perfect mover shall satisfy God, the customer, the company, the dispatcher, the origin agent, the destination agent, the port agent, and his wife when he manages to get home.

A perfect mover is thought to have the ability to prophesy the beginning and the end, be a healer of problems, a worker of miracles and to understand all words and tongues.

~author unknown