Office Moving

7 Tips For Moving Offices

Here are 7 valuable tips to ensure a seamless transition when moving your office or commercial space:
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Moving Tips: Relocating a Retail Shop

As professional shop movers, the professionals at Ferguson Moving & Storage understand that moving any retail space is quite different than moving a home. With ...
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Moving A Coffee Shop Or Cafe In Vancouver

When you run a commercial retail food establishment, moving is not as simple as when you move house. And it’s also quite different than moving ...
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Two things you can’t do with storage containers

2 things you can’t do with storage containers or storage facilities. Recently the CBC reported a guy who was evicted for living in a storage ...
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How to preserve your SEO when moving to a new business location

How to preserve your SEO when moving to a new business location. As professional business movers who have dealt with moving offices and the like, ...
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When to move from a home-based office to a commercial office space

Weighing the Costs & Benefits: Moving to a Metro Vancouver Office Working from home may be many Vancouverites’ dream come true. Some consider this a ...
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Moving a Home Office

Moving houses with a home office in Vancouver In most cases, your home-based office is being relocated because you are also moving homes. If the ...
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6 Steps often overlooked on Office Moves

6 steps often overlooked on office moves:   Did you empty your desk of all its contents? You wouldn’t know it, but most desks need ...
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