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As a company of Vancouver movers, the team at Ferguson understands that when you do a long distance move to a remote location, you’re probably adapting to a new lifestyle. If you lived in a big city before your move, shopping was likely easy; most shopping centres would have what you need. But in small towns, that’s not always the case – even if Walmart is common nowadays. While yes, you could find some small boutique stores with their own charm, sometimes you really need items that are harder to find in those remote locations. But who wants to pay for shipping?

So, in this article, we’ll help you with your long distance move by listing Canadian online stores with free shipping options, other than (which won’t always have everything!)

Buying furniture online after a long distance move:

Furniture stores in Canada that allow you to shop online and ship for free include: – this is where you can find home decor, as well as furniture. Currently if you spend more than $75 you can get free shipping. – offers free shipping over $45 if you have their credit card. If not, it’s over $99. But with furniture, you’re likely to go over that anyway. Of course, this is a department store with lots of other things to buy, that will apply to other categories on our list here! – offers free shipping over $75, with a max to $20 of shipping cost. The item also can’t be “oversized,” which they define on their website. – yes, they have a furniture section in their marketplace online! They offer free shipping over $35. – offers free shipping over $49 but with quite a few restrictions. They also have a furniture section on their website. – just like they offer free shipping over $49, but there are restrictions. – offers free shipping over $50, and some other free pickup options. There are restrictions on oversized items though.

Drug stores and beauty products that offer free shipping in Canada – offers free shipping over $35. But this doesn’t apply to what they call “remote & difficult to serve locations” (these are basically places that need to airlift their mail). Note you can also get baby clothes and home decor at this store. – offers free shipping over $75 with restrictions. – free shipping over $50, and free shipping on your first order without a minimum requirement. Some restrictions for items that require special handling. – free shipping options that change from time to time. – free shipping over $50.

Buy sports equipment online with free shipping in Canada: – offers free shipping over $50, but with a $15 limitation on shipping costs. This may be a bummer for very remote locations. But worth it to check out if you’re not too far away, and the shipping costs can get to you for under $15. But…they don’t ship to Quebec. – offers free shipping over $50. And again, some oversized items require extra charges.

Shop for clothing when you move to a remote location, and get free shipping in Canada:

So we won’t spend too much time giving descriptions of each store. We also recommend you check into any restrictions. Let’s have at it! – free shipping over $50. Offers sporty clothing. – free shipping on all orders. Offers sporty clothing.

Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy – this family of stores offers free shipping over $50 AND free returns! Women’s, men’s, kid’s and baby fashion. – free shipping over $50, AND free returns. Mostly women’s fashion. – free shipping over $50. Women, men and girl’s fashion. – free shipping over $50. Women, men, kids and baby fashion (a lot like the Gap). – free shipping over $40 to most of Canada. Young teen girls clothing. – free shipping AND free returns. No minimum seems to be specified. Yoga clothing, mostly sporty. – free shipping over $100. (Young adult clothing, women and men).

Don’t forget the department stores and sports stores we also mentioned above with free shipping for clothing:


The Bay



Shoe stores in Canada with free shipping options for after you move: – offers free shipping over $60, except to Nunavut, Yukon or the Northwest Territories. – free shipping over $65 except to except to Nunavut, Yukon or the Northwest Territories. – free shipping over $70 except to Nunavut, Yukon or the Northwest Territories. – advertising free shipping over $70 for a limited time, though it’s unclear what the usual rates are. Be sure you’re shopping at the Canadian store! – advertises free shipping AND free returns, with no stated minimum order amount. But they do say only on “eligible” purchases.

Also remember the stores above that may offer shoe shopping options with free shipping:








Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic

Electronics stores with free shipping options in Canada:

Buying electronics is one of the easiest things to do online – mostly because you don’t have to try them on for size and feel! So even if you haven’t moved to a remote location, you may enjoy buying online at these stores with their free shipping options. – free shipping on all orders. – free shipping, without a noted minimum, as long as you shop from the Canadian store. – free shipping without a noted minimum. Be sure to shop in the Canada store!

And of course, don’t forget that above, we mentioned with free shipping. Walmart and The Bay may also have electronics.

Shopping can be breeze with the Vancouver movers at Ferguson.

You may find that after a long distance move, shopping could get easier! No more trips to the stores with busy line ups. Of course, there are more online stores you can shop at in Canada to get free shipping. But we mentioned the ‘big’ ones that we could find, after checking for current shipping information. Keep in mind shipping rates at stores can change from time to time – either as permanent policy, or as promotional events.

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