Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage in Metro Vancouver


Do I need climatecontrol storage in Metro Vancouver?

When planning to pack and store away items in rental storage, it may seem simple to just rent a storage space and start loading. Actually, depending on what you are planning to store, you may want to consider an upgrade for your storage space to something called climate-controlled storage.

Generally these types of rented storage rooms are one of the most expensive types of storage choice in a given storage facility and should only be considered if you are especially worried about valuable, high-priced items that you just can’t keep at home anymore (for whatever reason). Climate-controlled storage units are air conditioned or heated. Usually, a climate-controlled storage unit’s temperature is kept between 18-23 degrees Celsius and the humidity is regulated to be around 55-65 percent. This makes it the most ideal storage space for all your most sensitive items.

Whether or not you need climate-controlled storage really depends on where you are storing your items and what items you are storing. Living in Metro Vancouver is great, because it does not face extreme temperatures. However, the area does have relatively higher humidity levels, which means the air contains more moisture than what is usually ideal for storing some items.

There are specific items that are more likely to change or get damaged with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Humidity and temperature-sensitive items include: collectibles (antiques and paintings), electronics, personal items (books, photo albums), media (all photography-related items, CDs, vinyl records), and other valuable items that contain wood, glass, leather, metal and plastics.

Protect your storage items from rainy Vancouver by staying above ground

How would being in a wet city like Vancouver affect a rental storage unit? This depends on the type of storage. If we are looking at drive-up, outdoor storage units, there is no guarantee that the rainwater or melted snow won’t seep in underneath the door. Storage companies will secure and prevent damage as much as possible, but moisture and flooding is a problem that is sometimes out of their control. In light of this, it is wise to keep your items off the ground. The most common way to do this is to use wooden pallets. Just a few inches off the floor will give you a peace of mind that nothing will get wet.

How to care for specific specialty items before placing them into your climate-controlled storage

Over a long period of time, metal can oxidize and rust if not properly maintained. Your bicycle, power tools, equipments and machines may need some preparation before being placed into storage. Before storing your equipment, apply a small amount of machine oil on the bolts, screws, and various parts of your machinery. Make sure it is all clean and free of dirt before storing.

The same care needs to be to applied to musical instruments. Musical instruments are especially fragile. They most definitely need a climate-controlled storage unit. Keep them in their original carrying case, cleaned and disassembled. If it is a large sized item without a case like a piano, cover it with a tarp or a cloth.

Art, especially oil paintings, are also very sensitive. Always store your art upright and off the floor to prevent them from distorting. There are cardboard corners that you can purchase to prevent things from leaning on them. If it is an especially expensive piece of painting, you can look into buying a custom-sized plywood container to protect it and to allow for proper airflow.

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