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Finding a good moving truck for your move.

When you are moving, the top of your checklist for moving will no doubt be to find the best moving truck. Here we will help you find out exactly what to look for when finding a truck for moving.

Inquire about the maintenance and durability of the moving truck.

Your main concern of moving is most likely making sure your things actually reach your destination, which is why a well-maintained moving truck is essential to your move. The last thing you want is for your truck full of belongings to break down halfway to your destination. So, don’t be afraid to ask for recent inspection information! Make sure you choose a company that takes pride in supplying durable, top-of-the-line trucks, and guarantees well-maintained moving trucks.

Make sure the truck is clean for your journey.

The interior condition of your moving truck can make all the difference in your move. A clean truck will protect your furniture and other possessions from dirt, dust, and debris, which can all be very damaging if they get on the wrong surface.

You also want to make sure the truck is dry. Especially in a damp climate, you don’t want your belongings to be exposed to any moisture that could be avoided. A quick check and clean-up can make all the difference!

Ensure the best experience when moving by avoiding damage.

Along with the cleanliness of your moving truck, it is important to go with a moving company that will help keep your things from getting damaged while in the truck. Professional movers are experts in knowing what materials to use in order to keep your things safe, as well as how to pack the truck in the best way.

Moving blankets will keep your furniture in pristine condition, and packing glass and fragile items in smaller boxes for moving with plenty of padding will keep them from getting crushed.

It is also a good idea to buy moving boxes that specifically protect paintings and photographs, to preserve these delicate items. When packing your truck, make sure heavier items stay on the bottom, and the heaviest items and appliances go in first.

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Pay attention to moving company licenses and insurance when looking for a moving truck.

When it comes to drivers’ licenses for operating moving trucks, they vary from province to province. In B.C., the largest moving truck you will be able to rent from common moving truck rental companies with your regular class 5 license is a 26-foot truck. Any larger than that, and you will need a Commercial Drivers License.

Therefore, larger moves requiring an oversized vehicle are best in the hands of professional Vancouver movers, especially for long-haul moves. Professional movers are specially trained to take care of your belongings in the safest, most efficient way possible, so you can trust them with any size move.

So be sure to ask about moving truck licenses, and while you’re at it, don’t forget about insurance! Double-check to be clear on what your homeowner’s insurance covers during a move. According to the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers, a moving company should also inform customers of any liabilities associated with the move. Make sure to keep a written policy from the moving company on hand in case you need to refer to it later on.

Consider the value of paying movers vs renting a moving truck.

Apart from the moving truck itself, it’s also good to consider paying movers instead of renting a truck for moving yourself. For starters, professional movers will know exactly what size truck you need. It’s no fun to start packing up a moving truck and realize that half your belongings will still be sitting on your driveway when the truck is full.

Moving experts will be able to accurately estimate the necessary truck size and number of movers required. In addition, movers will use the best equipment, which may not always be easy to access for a DIY move. Moving companies will properly use things like dollies, floor runners, and furniture covers to make your move go as smoothly and safely as possible.

A good moving truck and moving company will make all the difference when moving. So, do your research, and enjoy a trouble-free move!

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