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How Much Do I Tip Movers?

For many services, it is customary to tip staff for a job well done.   In the food, entertainment, travel, and transportation industries, tipping is common.  Likewise, for personal services delivered in salons or even in certain delivery scenarios, we tip.  So, when it comes to professional moving services, it’s not surprising you may ask, ‘how much do I tip movers?”  While tipping isn’t necessary for the moving industry, there may be some situations where you feel compelled.  Let’s take a closer look at tipping for movers to help you decide if and how much you should tip.


A Satisfied Customer

Obviously, tipping is always at least partially related to your level of satisfaction as the customer.  Maybe your moving job was done more quickly than you anticipated without any compromise in the quality of services delivered.  Or maybe you appreciated the professionalism of your movers.  There may be many reasons you feel compelled to tip your movers.  The quoted cost of your move should always include a fair wage for your movers – but then, sometimes those movers go above and beyond and you want to tip.  Please do; your movers will certainly appreciate it.


Are Some Moves more Tip-Worthy?

Sometimes movers arrive at a job for a well-organized and straightforward move.  They pack up some evenly-sized boxes and move them a short distance without any obstacles.  Sometimes, unexpected events or complexities of a move mean that the work is more challenging.  There are some very valid reasons to consider a modest tip.

  • It’s a Difficult Move – maybe there are physical obstacles to overcome, you’re moving a long distance, or you have heavier furniture. Factors such as these may be a good reason to offer a tip to your movers.
  • Exceptional Service – your move was done faster than expected, the movers were organized and excellent communicators, and your belongings arrived in pristine condition. Whatever it is, if you feel impressed, consider a tip.
  • Inclement Weather – if your movers do a good job despite terrible weather, consider giving them a tip. Moving can be a grind when the weather isn’t favourable, but a small tip can help make up for even the worst storm.

So, How Much?

With some thought put into the reasons you may choose to tip, you’re probably wondering how much you should tip.  A good rule of thumb is to tip around 10% of the total move costs.  Some folks will tip more for jobs that are longer – for example, you may want to tip more if your movers are with you all day.  Try not to tip movers separately, but if you’ve been especially impressed by one movers work over others or another, be discrete when you provide the tip.

Remember, tipping is not an expectation in the moving industry.  That being said, moving is an industry for hard-working folks and tipping when you appreciate a job well done will be graciously accepted.