How to keep portable shipping container storage safe from theft

portable shipping container storage

If you’ve been looking for options to store your belongings, you may have come across multiple options for storage. Self storage means that you manage the storage unit for a renter’s fee, usually with a secure access code that is only used by you to enter a facility where there are several other locked storage units.

The other type of storage is with large industrial storage containers, or shipping containers that are then used as storage. These types of storage units are called ‘portable storage because they are transportable. This means that instead of you needing to go to a storage unit, load and unload your belongs, the storage unit can come to you. It’s not ‘fixed’ to the ground or part of a building. This provides a lot of convenience, as you can imagine.

This way, you can store your belongings in a shipping container used as storage, and then have that entire container moved to a new location, such as for a long-distance move, when you’re ready for it.

It can also mean that if you are temporarily renovating a home and need to put belongings elsewhere, a storage container can come to your location, drive away with your stuff, then come back with your stuff in that same container when you need it.

Considering safety and theft with portable storage using shipping containers

But there can be a dilemma regarding storing your belongings in a shipping container. How will it be safe from theft? Whether it’s on your property or not, thieves can try to access it. One family’s shipping container was broken into and stolen off a truck! It contained several memorabilia that were only meaningful to the family. As the owner said, insurance can cover the furniture, but the big losses were the things like kids’ drawings they can’t get back. And if you are storing valuables, all the more you wouldn’t want it broken into.

And theft from any type of storage unit is not uncommon. Lots of reports of storage theft can be found on the web, such as on this site. Also, this article explains that even self-storage units in buildings are becoming susceptible to theft. This issue is not unique to portable storage options.

Ways to prevent theft from shipping container storage

There are some measures you can take to keep your shipping container safe, or your belongings safe inside of it, if you’re using it for storage.

Invest in a good lock

As this Australian company explains, the common types of locks used on shipping containers are padlocks. But padlocks can be broken quite easily with tools you could get a hardware store.

So there are some alternatives. For example, you can get a lockbox to go around the padlock. You can also use bolts that go on the inside of a door on the container. Any extra measure here could help deter thieves. But of course, there are no guarantees, especially if your shipping container is out in the open, or in an unmanned area.

Get an alarm system

As the article above also explains, an alarm system may be possible on the unit itself, but it’s not exactly practical if you’re going to move the container around. Alarm systems will need to be mobile-based if you’re going to use one at all on a shipping container.

Inspect the shipping container before you buy it

Some people choose to go the route of owning an old shipping container instead of either buying new, or renting one from a storage company temporarily. If you do this, you’ll need to be good at inspecting it. An old shipping container could have been used to store or transport dirty things, or things laden with chemicals, etc. that you would not want your belongings affected by. But not only that, the damage to a storage container can cause moisture damage to your belongings.

However, since we’re talking about security from container storage theft in this article, we’ll note that you’ll want to ensure there is no door damage to theshipping container before you buy it. This article explains more on the issue. If any hinges are bent, it will be hard to keep the door closed at all.

Consider a portable storage company with a secure facility

At Ferguson Moving and Storage, we do provide an alternative that should help prevent theft from storage containers. Not only do we provide the portable storageunits, with a service to drive them to and from your home, load and unload them, etc. We also keep the units stored in a safe facility. Having a locked containerinside a locked and surveillance-equipped facility provides less incentive for thieves. This also takes a lot of the onus off of you to keep your belongings safe.

Our storage facility is climate controlled too, so you have less to worry about when it comes to moisture damage.

And during transport, we can help you get insurance for your belongings. We would also advise you on what shouldn’t go in the storage container, to prevent extreme losses or damage.

See more on our website.

To conclude: portable storage theft can be preventable, if you take measures to secure your belongings.

As we’ve seen above, portable storage containers can get broken into if you’re not safe. Proper security can be applied to a storage container, or they can be modified to use stronger locks. But the easiest option may be to let a company handle the safety of the container storage for you.

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