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ikea hacks

IKEA Hacks  

If you’re an IKEA buff, you may know most of what we’re going to talk about already. But for those who aren’t used to visiting the Swedish retailer of ‘all cool things for the home,’ we’re about to show you what to shop for at IKEA when preparing to move.

If you’re one of those folks that makes occasional trips to IKEA to shop for the ‘big’ things in your home, like couches and tables, you may be surprised to learn about all the ‘little’ nooks and crannies in the IKEA store. They have products that can be useful for moving day. So while you’re eating your Swedish meatballs in their restaurant, make a plan to utilize IKEA products for a great moving day.

The IKEA moving website

It may sound unusual, but IKEA USA has a website designed just for moving day. It has tips on moving and a savings offer. Of course, the idea is to get you to buy their stuff, and have them deliver it to you, but it certainly is worth mentioning. Since afterall, this article is about IKEA moving hacks.

IKEA tools for handy tasks when you move

Did you know IKEA has a line of power tools and manual tools? They’re not only priced amazingly low, they can come in really handy when moving. While we haven’t tested their quality, we can say that having a power drill or a hammer around the house will very likely become useful one day, especially around the time you move into a new home. And if you don’t want to splurge on the $100+ pro ones at a hardware store, the IKEA brand may be just your cup of tea. Cuz you know, you’re not a construction worker, and you do handy stuff like, once a year.

From screws, to picture hanging hardware, measuring tape and even cable ties and clips, you’ll be set with the IKEA tools collection:

And, guess what, they have a cheaply-priced cart too! It’s like a light-duty dolly so you can roll boxes on wheels on moving day.

Pick up your IKEA tools and gadgets before moving day, or shortly after you settle in. That way, you can hang your artwork and shelving, and repair cupboard screws and the such as soon as you need to.

IKEA lighting for settling in after moving

While you could splurge a little on new lighting fixtures to make your new home look extra ‘fresh,’ you don’t have to go all-out to get good lighting deals at IKEA. IKEA has a range of LED light products that can be a great investment for your new place.

Whenever you move, you may notice that lights you were used to having in certain spots are going to not be there anymore. With cheap lighting options, you can re-create the light switches you liked having in your old home. For example, under-cabinet lighting can be found in the kitchen area of IKEA. These types of lights can also work for bookcases and wardrobes:

IKEA has an interesting product that can make lighting available by extension chord – it’s a wire with a bulb attachment at the end:

These can be very versatile since you can not only hang them from ceiling hooks or wall brackets (like a makeshift sconce), you can also hang lampshades over them too. Pinterest craft project idea, anyone? Try making the ever-difficult doily lamp and let us know how it goes!

And of course, while you’re at the store, pick up some amazingly-priced LED bulbs for savings on your electrical bill after you move.

IKEA storage and boxes for packing to move

Boxes, boxes, boxes – IKEA has what you need for packing and storing things. From wire baskets to cardboard boxes, magazine holders, plastic bins, recycling totes, shoe boxes, wooden crates and even containers for the tiny things, you can find it all at IKEA. It’s like an organizer’s dream station.

The great thing about picking these up at IKEA for your moving day is that the boxes can look quite nice. So, if you spend the time to categorize your stuff, you can keep belongings in the boxes as-is at your new place. They won’t necessarily look out of place, or like you’re holding on to trash. And they can be easily stacked away in a closet or garage too, if you don’t need them right way.

You can also get inexpensive organizational supplies for your new home, like shelves, pantry set ups, and metal bars for hanging clothes (if there isn’t enough closet space in your new bedroom).

Check out the options here:

Moving IKEA furniture and finding replacement parts

You may already have some IKEA furniture, and if you do, you may want to consider taking it apart before you move. IKEA furniture comes flat-packed so it’s easy to transport. In some cases, you can easily take apart and re-flatten your IKEA furniture to make more room during the move. It can also help protect your belongs from scratches. See this article for more information on this:

Also, keep in mind IKEA provides many assembly parts for free near the customer service centre. For example you can grab some wood pegs, furniture screws and allen keys if you lose them during your move.

Not only that, many IKEA products are designed to be long lasting, updatable and modular. This means you could have an older IKEA piece that still has parts in stock at the store.

For example, many of their sofas have replaceable, washable covers. These covers change styles every once in awhile, but the frame stays the same for years. It may be time for a designer upgrade! They also sell legs for sofas, armchairs, cabinets, mattresses and tables, if you need replacements.

Or, picking up some MALM underbed storage drawers could come in handy if you have less space after moving in, and already own a version of the classic MALM bed.

There are also aftermarket IKEA products to spruce up your long-time IKEA classics. If your furniture gets damaged during your move, you might be able to do an easy cover up job! See this article on Apartment Therapy for examples:

You can also pick up things like casters, wood stain or leather treatment. The store even sells batteries or napkins if you need them. Like, if on moving day you want to eat IKEA frozen pizza and need a napkin to wipe up afterwards. Off topic, but still useful to know!

Have fun on moving day with IKEA moving hacks!

A trip to IKEA can be fun for anyone – especially the kids, if they like Småland and hotdogs! You’ll probably also get inspired to decorate and furnish your new home after you move (hint: check out the As-Is section for some deals before you go looking for the full-price stuff).

Moving day can be stressful, but an excuse for retail therapy at good ol’ IKEA might brighten up the experience! Or at least we’d hope so.

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