Marble vs Granite Countertops

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Choosing the right building materials: marble vs granite countertops

When looking to move into a new home, it’s best to decide what building materials you want in beforehand. It will be hard to do practical day-to-day activities while also making building material changes, such as on countertops. Different owners value different qualities. For example, are you interested in function, or are aesthetics more important? This will help you pick the right inside home materials before moving into a new house.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the pros and cons of marble and granite. These stones are frequently used in homes for floors, countertops and bathrooms in the Metro Vancouver area. Because both materials are frequently used in Metro Vancouver houses, it’s best to learn their properties. This information will help you decide if you like the way a house is designed, and hopefully it will better inform your decision to move into a new home ready made, or to make changes before you move in.

A little background on marble and granite will help you move into, or prepare the right home

Marble is a product of crystallized limestone. This happens when the material is subject to high pressure and temperature. The stone recrystallizes as a denser, harder rock. While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, many people agree that marble is one of the best-looking building materials.

Granite is made from cooled magma. Because it takes a long time to form, this stone is often considered strong and valuable. Granite is considered a very durable building material, but it is also very heavy. That means it can be challenging to install and can be susceptible to cracks during shipping. Once it is installed, though, it is extremely durable.

The pros and cons of moving into a house with marble or granite — which is best for you?

A lot of it depends on where you are using the material. When installing countertops, the general consensus appears to be that marble is best left to bathrooms or other areas where countertops are not heavily used. The reason for this is that marble is a porous stone, which means that liquids and oils can seep into the material. Once this happens it can be very hard or downright impossible to remove dirt from marble. It is vulnerable to substances such as alcohol, juices, vinegar and many types of food. Marble also tends to scratch easily from sharp cutlery, pots and pans. Protective sealant is a must if you want the marble to retain its sheen.

Granite, on the other hand, is a good idea for the kitchen. says this material is often cited as the most durable countertop material available. It is also very heat-resistant, meaning hot pots can be placed directly on granite without damaging its surface. According to, granite is also crack-and-chip resistant. You can cut right on the surface without damaging it, and spills can be easily cleaned up.

Moving into a house with granite or marble is a wise investment.

Regardless of what you choose, as long as these materials are well taken care of, they can add a lot of beauty to your home while increasing its value. As a final note, if you are interested in installing marble orgranite after moving into a new home, you’d probably do best to get some certified help. The article mentioned earlier recommends letting a professional install the material. Both marble and granite are very heavy and difficult to handle. So think about what you value in a home. If you have a partner and kids, talk to them about what they value in a home. It’s also good to know the personalities and preferences of the people you are moving into your new Vancouver home with. For example, if you know your kids tend to play a little rough with their toys, it might be best to consider a scratch-resistant granite floor as opposed to marble when designing their playroom.

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