Top 3 things to not forgot when moving in Vancouver

Top 3 things to not forgot when moving in Vancouver

1) Tell everyone you know when you’re moving in Vancouver.

Okay, not everyone in Vancouver needs to know, however, your current address probably has a lot more strings attached to it than you realize. Let’s say if you move and tell nobody. Your mail stops coming. Your house cleaning lady still comes once a month and you’re not there. Your school sends reminders home about upcoming events, your favorite magazine stops appearing and finally, the police pull you over and look at your DMV License and you have to explain this is no longer your current address as he starts to reach for his ticket book to issue a fine.
VANCOUVER MOVING TIP: As soon as that move date is confirmed use this list to start your moving notices.
  • Building manager so you can reserve the elevator
  • Credit card companies
  • Cable and telephone companies
  • Hydro and gas companies
  • Department of motor vehicles
  • Personal service companies like dog walkers
  • Schools
  • Moving company

2) Collecting ALL of the keys from the previous owners

You probably know to gather all of the keys for your house and leave them in a nice package on the stove for the new owner that bought your home. Just don’t assume the same was done for you at your new home. We have seen countless times with people moving in Vancouver locked houses but no keys left behind. Also, that two car garage you have been dreaming about using might be a pain in the butt if you can’t get into it because the previous owner accidentally drove off and took them in their car by mistake.
VANCOUVER MOVING TIP: Make sure you or your Realtor check with the previous owner about keys. Try to jog their memory too in case they forgot anything they may have forgotten about. Things like:
  • Keys for the pool house
  • Keys for the tool shed
  • Keys for the green house
  • Garage door keys
  • Deadbolt keys for every door in the house
  • Keys for any built in safes
  • Codes for the house alarm system
  • Mailbox keys for your postal service.
  • After you have moved in, we also recommend you have all of the locks changed by a locksmith. They won’t need to change the fixtures, just the tumblers inside. It’s a very affordable service.


3) Properly labeling your boxes

You may be shocked at how something so obvious could be on this list. But did you know that after you pack a box you are likely to forget everything that you just packed? I mean you tape the box, look at it and wonder what is inside. It’s amazing how a tired and exhausted brain can play such games on us. But it does. The worst part is trying to unpack that stereo system and you can’t find it. Likely because it’s in the garage packed with some blankets you had in the attic. The average move has between 50 to 100 boxes, so a lot can go wrong with improper labeling.
VANCOUVER MOVING TIP: Set yourself up for moving success. Get your moving boxes, your marker, moving tape and packing paper all assembled ahead of time. Even if you are packing yourself, ask your Ferguson moving consultant to give you a list of what you will need for packing your house. Pack one room at a time and do not mix rooms. Even if you’re tempted, don’t do it. You’ll have a much easier time finding things from the dining room if you know that boxes were not mix packed. Count the boxes in each room. You can avoid a lot of frustration if you know the master bedroom had 7 boxes and once you count 7 then you just know everything is in the right room. When you are not tired, you can search and find anything you’re looking for. This also helps if you are putting anything in storage as well.
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