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Hire a Professional Organizer Before Moving

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Why you should hire a professional organizer when moving in Metro Vancouver

For many of us, sorting stuff before we move into a new home requires us to wade through a sea of old possessions. It can be chaotic and even overwhelming at times. Sometimes going through all your stuff feels like navigating a booby-trapped maze like Indiana Jones. A professional’s help may be of some use. Today we’re going to discuss why you should hire a professional organizer when moving.

Should you hire a professional organizer or a professional cleaner?

Before we get into further details, we should make a distinction between a professional cleaner and professional organizer. There is a bit of overlap between what both of them do, similar to what we discussed in our blog post regarding professional designers and decorators. But organizers are focused on developing systems that allow you to catalogue your stuff. This means cleanliness will probably come as a byproduct, not as an end goal. It’s still possible to have a clean but disorganized room. So in a nutshell, organizers can clean, but cleaners can’t organize. This is important to consider when you’re moving into a new place. If you want your new home to stay clean and organized hiring an interior designer before you move may be your best bet.

Professional organizers can be objective because they aren’t emotionally attached to your stuff

Throwing useless stuff away is probably one of the hardest parts of moving out of a previous home. Every time many of us start sorting through old items, we get flashbacks: ‘Oh, I never use this ugly stool anymore…but it was the first thing we bought when we moved in here.’ Or try, ‘Hmm, this blanket smells like sewage…but it was Jonny’s favourite when he was two years old.’

Chances are, a lot of our items have passed their expiry dates, but we keep holding on to old stuff for sentimental reasons. Hiring a professional organizer may be a good idea because, as a third party, they can be more objective about what needs to be kept or thrown away. They can be ruthless, if need be.

Hiring a professional organizer can save you money and time while moving out of an old home

By prioritizing which stuff should be kept when you move into your new home, a professional organizer will help you throw away unneeded items. Less stuff means less items to move, which could translate into reduced moving costs. This could mean a smaller fee from the moving company, less cash spent on moving boxes or reduced travel time (read: gas money spent). Trim the fat and you’ll save cash on your next move.

The next way in which an organizer can help save money is that they’ll help you avoid repetition. What’s that? Well, a lot of times people end up buying the same items over and over again because they keep losing them. The cash saved from having to buy the same thing repeatedly adds up in the long run.

And here’s an interesting thought — you can even make some of your money back! Once you and your organizer have determined which items you don’t want anymore, you can sell those items. We’ve given a few pointers on how this works with antiques. Furthermore, we’ve also discussed how you can help out Metro Vancouver communities while you’re moving into a new home.

How do you know if you should hire a professional organizer when you’re moving into a new home?

Obviously, not every dirty bedroom or cluttered kitchen requires you to hire a professional organizer. There are some tasks many people can figure out themselves. But if chaos is a recurring theme in your household that you can’t seem to stop, an organizer might be for you. Organizers may help you develop methods that help you stay tidy for the long haul, not just for the few moments after you clean up your place. Before committing to anything, try interviewing the organizer and see if you ‘click.’ It also helps to do some research on what type of organizer you are looking for.

If you moving into a new place in the Lower Mainland for a fresh start, why not start being organized?

Start looking for the right solution!

So we’ve gone over the basics of what makes a professional organizer worthwhile. Now it’s time to see if it’s a solution that makes sense for you. Ask yourself how many times you’ve had to clean things up around the house. Keep a diary. How big of a mess was it each time? If this is a recurring problem, you may want to consult a professional.

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