Moving Yourself vs Hiring Movers

moving yourself vs hiring movers

You have a big move coming up and you are trying to decide between moving yourself vs hiring movers.  This is a big question that many people face – ultimately, you probably think that doing the move yourself is the cheaper option, but are you considering all the variables that are included in a move?  Indeed, moving is a stressful life event that requires careful planning to ensure the moving day goes off without a hitch.  Let’s take a closer look at some of these variables when weighing the pros and cons of moving yourself versus hiring movers.


The misconception that hiring movers is more expensive is very real.  However, how often have you considered the hidden costs of a move?

  • Truck rental
  • Fuel costs
  • Insurance
  • Hotel and meal costs
  • Time and energy

Especially when you are moving longer distances, there are many costs associated with a move.  Not only do you need to acquire a vehicle to move all the belongings in your home, you’ll need to pay for the fuel and insurance on that vehicle.  Additionally, homeowners don’t often think about what will happen if their belongings are damaged in a move.  When you work with moving professionals, they are insured against damage to belongings and property; whereas if you are moving yourself, you are responsible for covering those costs.

Additionally, moving to a new city – whether that’s in the same province or across the country, you’re likely to incur added living costs.  You may need to stay in hotels if you need to take a long drive across the country, and you’ll certainly need to feed yourself.

Of course, there is also the time and energy that goes into moving.  Depending on your profession and lifestyle, it often makes more financial sense to hire professional movers who have skills and experience with every part of a move.  They can expertly pack, load, and unpack boxes in a way that is highly efficient and ultimately cost-effective…not to mention all the stress they save you!

Benefits of Hiring Movers

There are many benefits to hiring movers.  Most importantly, they know what they are doing.  They are organized and efficient at packing items in every room in your home so they can be quickly and easily unpacked.  Additionally, they have the skills and equipment to move all the items in your home.  Moving is a physically demanding task and one that can put your body at risk.  Professional movers take care of all the heavy lifting and they have the equipment they need to do it safely – not only for their bodies but also for your belongings.  Plus, professional movers easily adapt to unexpected challenges.  Professional movers know how to attack any obstacle from narrow doorways and tight staircases to busy elevators and everything in between.

So while you may be considering the total dollar amount of hiring professional movers, don’t forget to think about all the hidden costs (both financial and physical) that make hiring a mover the best choice for your move. Contact a certified Move Manager with anymore questions.

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