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5 Reasons to Move to Richmond

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5 reasons you may want to consider a move to Richmond!

Thinking of moving to a city in Metro Vancouver other than Vancouver itself, but not sure which one to choose? One city that may interest you is Richmond, located right on the coast at the mouth of the Fraser River.

Before you call your local Richmond Moving Company, here are some highlights of Richmond living that make it an excellent place to call home:

1.  Central location

Moving to Richmond, B.C makes for very convenient living due to its central location. Want to go shopping in Vancouver? Just drive over the Oak Street Bridge and head straight to your favourite Vancouver shopping destinations. Need to run to Burnaby on an errand? By taking the Knight Street Bridge or the Queensborough Connector, you could be there in as little as 20 minutes; not bad for travelling within Metro Vancouver! In addition to Vancouver and Burnaby, Richmond is bordered by Delta, Surrey, and New Westminster, making it a great place to be for convenient commuting.

2.  Unique attractions

Richmond also contains several unique attractions in the Metro Vancouver area. It is located right on the coast, so there are plenty of beautiful views of the water. One popular area is Steveston, filled with many boardwalks, beaches, and delicious seafood restaurants. Richmond is also home to the very popular Richmond Night Market, which takes place on weekends during the summer. Here, locals and tourists gather to enjoy an abundance of ethnic food and live entertainment, and it is an exciting addition to Richmond living.

3. The Canada Line (easy public transportation)

Another reason to consider a move to Richmond is a desirable place is the fairly recent Canada Line, a train system connecting Richmond to Downtown Vancouver. This modern transportation system offers easy and quick access to the most popular parts of Vancouver, as well as the Vancouver International Airport. Richmond is the only other city that is connected to the Canada Line besides Vancouver itself; yet another reason to consider moving to Richmond if you don’t want to live in Vancouver but still want to be close to it!

4. Abundance of shopping centres

Although it has easy access to many of Vancouver’s shopping centres, Richmond has many of its own! It is home to many unique Asian-themed malls, such as Aberdeen Mall and President Plaza, as well as some larger general malls like Richmond Centre or Lansdowne Centre. There are plenty of malls to choose from right by your home in Richmond!

5. Growing food scene

Another desirable reason to move to Richmond is its wonderful food scene. It is mostly known for its Asian cuisine, with hundreds of excellent restaurants and food vendors to choose from. The popularity and worldwide recognition of the Richmond Night Market is also an indication of the phenomenal food that can easily be found in the city. Apart from Asian cuisine, Richmond also has an abundance of seafood restaurants, particularly in the Steveston area by the water. It is the perfect place to have some fresh fish and chips or a fancy seafood dinner.

Vancouver may be the most popular BC city to live in, but Metro Vancouver has many other desirable locations, and Richmond is an excellent place to call home with its central location and unique city life!

To find out how much it will cost to move to Richmond, call or order online for your free in-home estimate!

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