10 Moving Safety Tips

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Moving Safety Tips

No matter if you are one of the oldest moving companies in Canada , or are a rookie moving by yourself for the first time, you will want to take all these steps to make your move as safe as possible. Follow these moving safety tips:

  1. Stay hydrated

All the heavy lifting and moving around can easily get very strenuous and can dehydrate you. Make sure to keep drinking water throughout the day.

  1. Take breaks

When moving, you don’t want to overwork and hurt yourself! Make sure you schedule in some breaks in an area away from the action so that you don’t get in the way.

  1. Keep your back from getting strained!

When moving, it’s really easy to hurt your back amongst all the heavy lifting, pushing, and pulling. You’ve probably heard this before, but it is very important to remember to lift with your legs so that you don’t pull a muscle or strain your back. You might even want to do some stretches before and after moving to minimize injury.

  1. Keep a clear path

When you’re moving boxes and furniture from all parts of the house, try to keep a clear path so that you won’t trip on your way from the bedroom to the front door. It might also be a good idea to keep kids or pets out of the house, or at least occupied in another part of the house, so that they are not running around in your way, which could also lead to a messy accident. Don’t forget that piling things up on moving dollies can also block vision.

  1. Use planks on stairs, or traction mats if it’s wet outside

In Vancouver it is likely that it may end up raining on your moving day. To prevent a messy spill while moving into your new home, use a traction mat for those rainy days. It might also be helpful to put a plank on stairs so that when you can’t see as much while carrying something out to the truck, you don’t miss a step and fall.

  1. Communicate

During your Vancouver move, it is important to communicate clearly with everyone around the moving site. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt by crashing into each other when you turn a corner or open a door!

  1. Don’t load flammable items on trucks

Flammable items are dangerous in a moving vehicle and should not be loaded into your moving truck. Professional movers will know this, but keep an eye out yourself to make sure you don’t put a box full of paint thinners and aerosol cans out to be loaded into the truck!

  1. Use the right moving equipment

Using the right moving supplies and equipment will make all the difference in your moving experience. A dolly will make moving boxes a lot easier, as you won’t have to carry so many heavy loads for too long. Gloves with grips can also be especially useful when carrying boxes so that they don’t slip out of your hands.

  1. Wear the proper clothing and attire

Similar to using the right equipment, you want to make sure you’re dressed accordingly. Try to wear clothing that is not flowy or so loose that it would get caught on things. Make sure it is also something you will be comfortable moving around in.

  1. Keep a first aid kit nearby

In case an accident does happen, make sure you are prepared by having a first aid kit nearby at all times during your move.

Before you start your next move, make sure you are prepared to carry it out safely! Your best bet is to hire professional movers, who know how to make a move as safe as possible, and have all the proper equipment to do so.

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